DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!

That’s brilliant news :smile:

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Hurray! :partying_face:

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Awesome news WC. Really pleased this is falling into place for you :slight_smile:

Going to have to drive to Hull :grimacing:

Never driven further than York before so this will be fun. Cut right down the middle of the North York Moors so that bit will be pretty at least?

I love the bi flag so much :blue_heart::purple_heart::heartpulse:

Today is Oslo Pride but I’m working :sob:


hootie tootie disco cutie!



Roger Godsiff just vented a whoooole load of horrendous shit, including accusing people who are against the protesters of “wanting blood, and a sacrifice”.

This guy has absolutely got to fucking go.

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that blur thread has ruined my brain. every time i see LGBTQIA i read it to the tune of BLUREMI

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Ughh. He’s my Mp, and i voted for him last time, and i hate myself for that as he is clearly an awful awful man. I just had no idea

Yup, he is a massive massive wanker plus a Brexiteer. The controversy section of his Wikipedia page contains stuff usually reserved for elder statesmen of the Conservative party…

Blockquote “I am supportive of the LGBT community. I have consistently voted for all laws pertaining to equality and to defend the rights of everyone to live the lifestyle they choose.”



for fucks sake, really should have researched better. I’m sure i checked his voting record and it was okay…but obviously not.

There’s an interesting looking programme on BBC1 tonight - Transwoman Athlete Debate or something similar with Martina Navratilova. A big deal to have something like that on at 9pm on BBC1! I hope it will be enlightening rather than sensationalist.

Hmm. Hopefully during making the programme she had her opinions changed

This is why I’m so interested to watch it - so many top female athletes I’d normally respect have come out with such strong criticism of transwomen competing I’d like to see what the evidence is to justify it.

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Yeah I’ll probably watch it. Like you say, quite a thing for them to air at primetime if it’s done properly.

This is quite interesting, it would appear that Navratilova has gone on something of an education…

Will try and catch it on iPlayer.

This is horrible. I’m getting so worried

I’ve not been able to work out exactly what’s happened here - it’s not helped by his replies being full of TERFs either.

That sucks :frowning:

Did anyone watch the Navratalova documentary? If so was it good or was she still being TERFy?