DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


This place (due to open in a couple of months) might be of interest to people in Glasgow:

(I’m a straight man so wouldn’t normally want to clog up this thread with my posts, but thought that might be useful for people - I also live next to it, so hope it does well)


Hey y’all :v:t3:

Trans Pride Brighton happens in just a few weeks! I’ve been going since it started in 2013 and it’s just amazing seeing it go from strength to strength, the venues getting bigger each year and move events being held around Brighton & Hove. I’m going to volunteer this year - if anyone is interested in doing the same you can sign up via the website below:



Haven’t read this yet but Emily Reynolds is a very good egg


I’m going to miss it this year :frowning: got too much on that weekend. Shame as last year was a bit of a washout too.


Oh noooo! I was hoping you and Neil would be around, Luke is down in Brighton that weekend.

Yeah last year was pretty bad. That weather was horrible.


hopefully this wont be bad


The editor of AS once compared lesbians use of the term “lesbophobia” to the alt-right so I avoid it like the plague.


Not fundamentally opposed to this of course but I agree with Tatchell’s comments - £4.5m seems a pithy amount and the government should be making a commitment to halting deportation of LGBTQ+ refugees to countries where they potentially face death.


I like Into for queer TV articles.


Casual transphobia in my office today :+1:


Tbh wasn’t even all that casual.



hope you’re ok x

there were a few transphobic people in my old job. actually dont think anyone in my old place was openly LGBT except me telling a couple of people. my new place is totally different and most people are very openly queer.


Yeah. It threw me for half an hour so I went for a walk. I’m still hopeful that they’ll be fine - I think they’re basically ‘speak before you think’ type people. Just makes me dread the inevitable more than I already was.


is there anyone who you can confide in there? it might be good to know they’re either just ignorant and insensitive or that other people are on your side and would back you if you challenged it?


Is this the place to discuss Scarlett Johansson in the Gill bio film or is it better in the films thread?


Probably more films thread?


GP seemed very sceptical that they would do shared care, so that’s all of my money gone. She’s very nice about everything, but didn’t seem to understand what my issue could be with waiting two years. Really disgustingly jealous of people who can pass without hormones :expressionless:


Yeah. I work for a large public sector employer that has an LGBT staff network, but I’m naturally inclined to stay very far away from such things. I’ll probably get in touch before coming out to line manager, but I can’t decide when that’s going to be. I’d prefer to wait until I at least sort of pass, but what if that’s not for years? Plus if I’m going to change name with bank etc, I’ll need to change it with employer as well.


That’s really good that you’ve got a network there. Hope you get to come out when you want to and in the way you want to x


Yet another transphobic article on The Guardian site today (but, hey, at least it’s attacking FTMs this time!). Hilariously trying to argue that transgender people encourage oppressive gender norms by arguing that FTMs are just ~confused~ and ~impressionable~ girls.

Really don’t understand why people enjoy being so hateful. I resent them and worry about their influence, but at the same time feel so sorry for them? I think it helped me a lot when I realised that. These are miserable people who can only feel good by attacking others - what a horribly sad thing.