DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


happy pride my dudes x


anti trans protestors holding up the pride walk? (according to PN)

edit: ah it’s terfs walking the parade route ahead of it starting


Happy Pride, y’all. :hearts::orange_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart:



thinking about the people who don’t have the option of being out right now x


wait that was meant to be a fist bump not white power


today we can call it rainbow power



Happy pride

Edit: that needs more enthusiasm. Y’all have a great time.


I liked this article from a couple of weeks ago. I feel like the religion part is tricky, because many LGBT+ people are justifiably wary of or angry at major organised religions for what they have done, and in most cases, what they continue to do, and would feel ‘unsafe’ with organised religion having a presence in LGBT+ spaces. But there are also many people who feel excluded from LGBT+ spaces because of their religious views (the first time I went to an LGBT event there were a number of anti-Catholic remarks, and whilst I actually considered myself an atheist at that point, they still made me feel very unwelcome - I didn’t go to a second meeting).

I feel like in my own self I can combine the two without any problems at all, but outside of myself I have to pick one or the other. It often feels like straight atheists are more welcome in LGBT+ spaces than LGBT+ people of faith.

Sorry - this isn’t going anywhere. Basically, I’m mostly mad at the men who dominate organised religion for creating and perpetuating the problem.


As a Muslim the treatment of LGBT+ people in my religion really saddens me. I’m still trying to understand my own sexuality (pretty much know I’m on the ace spectrum) but at least this is “invisible” and I wonder how hard it would be if I identified as gay. Religions like Islam and Christianity clearly have left the judging to God with the day of judgement and all and combined with the fact that sexual orientation is clearly not a choice, it’s sad that people in religious spaces can’t be kinder, and it makes it so hard for people to reconcile their sexuality and faith which is awful. I’m sorry you’re having to struggle with this , people can be so shit


People in the religious spaces I have been in physically have always been wonderful tbh - always felt accepted at the three churches I have been to as an adult. Online is a different story obviously. So as I said, no internal struggle, I’m quite happy with reconciling who I am and my faith. I think the Catholic Church in England is more progressive than most countries - though obviously there is JRM so…

I’m essentially asexual, though aware this may change when I start hormones, so I guess we’ll see what that does.

I just want a girlfriend to go on long drives with. That’s basically ultimate romance for me haha. End up somewhere scenic, stop off at random villages, listen to some good music sighhhhh. Not sure I’d be any good at actually living with someone.


what is the ace spectrum? (sorry to sound ignorant)


Ace = Asexual :slight_smile:


oh never heard that, thank you !


Bit of controversy in London yesterday


If you’ve got time for a consultation :slight_smile:


N.B. closes on 19/10


just been reading about the Ace spectrum. makes me feel less weird, to see how it works for me written down and classified, legitimised.

like, I never really had crushes or anything through most of my teen years, like most people seem to have. and it’s incredibly rare that I feel anything sexual towards anyone and it takes ages to feel that way at all. hence why I find online dating such an effort.


My dad said Pride isn’t necessary because same sex couples can get married now.

Would anyone like to be my new dad?


Terrible pride dadding.
Took my recently out daughter to a Pride thing near us and bought her a rainbow hat but said that “if she lost this one, she’d have to buy any replacement with her own pocket money” - that is how you do pride dadding in my book.


I’m still absolutely fuming at the anti-trans activists hijacking the London Pride march and at Pride In London for allowing them to march. I’ve since seen a video where someone from Pride In London says to the protesters “we don’t mind you being here. We appreciate it” despite the fact they are shouting out some of the most horribly hyperbolic, misguided and aggressive chants whilst handing out transphobic leaflets to the bystanders. Their limp apology means nothing and the trans community and their allies will not forget this in a hurry.

On a more positive note, the incident has raised the eyebrows of people who may not have been wholly aware about the resistance against trans people, and many people I’ve spoken to have been absolutely horrified. Over the weekend applications for volunteering shot up to 150+ - the most they’ve ever had is 30.

There’s been an online campaign to counter the transphobic message that was leading London Pride, get involved if you wish to!