DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!

Fingers crossed it’ll be fine and not a surprise to them, but if you feel uncomfortable with talking to them about it I’m sure you could get away with asking “do you have a parcel for me?” and letting them draw their own conclusions whether [your name] at [your house number] is you or a family member sending you something under their own name.

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It was absolutely fine! They just said they figured that was probably the case but they weren’t sure whether to ask.

They’re such a lovely family and I’m relieved it wasn’t awkward at all. And is a nice reminder (not that I should need one!) that religious people are not religious institutions, and that good people, whatever their personal beliefs about such things may be, will be kind and welcoming of others.

Feel so relieved and happy :heart:


Jan Morris has died, aged 94.

In a phase of de ja vu, the deadline for responses to the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry on the GRA is next week. Please have a read here and do respond before the 27th if you can.

Elliot Page! :heart:


I’ve pretty much been able to cry actual tears since starting testosterone (feel a bit iffy saying that but it’s true), but genuinely did cry a bit just now.

This is such a huge deal and I can’t believe how brave he is. Really hope he’s flooded with enough support to drown out the inevitable.


Absolutely brilliant timing to take the misery of the Tavistock case away, at least for now.


Numerous people on twitter pointing out most headlines are identifying him by ‘star of…’ rather than using deadname, which is encouraging

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Genuinely emotional at the Elliot Page news.

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Getting proper heart swelling at the comments. I’ve been insta-blocking any transphobia and it’s quickly apparent just how much (especially on Twitter) is from a relatively small number of accounts (few hundred or so).