DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!

Football Focus had a segment on LGBT+ fans on Saturday. Featuring Gen Williams who those of us who have been on this website for longer than is heathy may remember, among others.

36 mins in


This hit my Twitter although it turns out it’s from Jan 2020. Still, can’t see it posted here

So an update that guy I went on a few date with back in February/Match last year and again in the summer when lockdown was briefly lifted. We are still talking literally every day, especially so since Christmas.

Most of our time has just been spent gaming for 3 hours most nights, chatting away on Discord. But now the end of lockdown is on the horizon we can start to think about planning a date or weekend away.

Tonight he is also going to get to talk to a couple of my real life friends for the first time, as well as me to one of his and we are going to play a big mulitplayer game. Not sure how awkward that’s going to be to me due to anxiety. Hopefully it will be fine.


This is wonderful to read :blush:

A game is a great idea as a way to introduce each other to your friends.
You may find it a little awkward at first due to nerves but I bet as soon as you start playing the game will act as a natural ice breaker!