DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


Why do they get to be called that? It kind of legitimises them doesn’t it? Like there’s a legitimate cause they believe in that they are fighting for. This seems to happen a lot where politically correct language (yes, I did) is used to describe outright terrible behaviour “pro-life” “revenge porn”. That’s the REAL PC terror.


You might be right. I’ve been speaking a lot lately with my trans friends about the use of the word TERF and how it’s been weaponised by TERFs. “Anti-trans” is certainly self-explanatory though yeah, ditching the ‘activist’ bit is probably a good idea. We came up with TERDs which I liked - Trans Exclusionary Radical Douchebags :smiley:


I think Anti-trans is a good term to describe them, to be honest. It makes it clear that they are opposed to a type of person existing, and that they want to split the LGBTQI* solidarity.

I think calling them anti-trans is also the term most likely to upset them because it forces them to acknowledge the above, which is a bonus.


Was completely unaware of this element. Sound like a right bunch of twats


I think “transphobics” (?) is better than anti trans activists since the latter sounds like a legitimate group with goals.

“Transphobic group tried to stop London’s Pride parade by laying down in the…”


My daughter has been telling me about these twats over the last year or so. Seems so strange that a group of people who you’d think would declare themselves against oppression would want to make the lives of an oppressed minority more difficult.




Total bogeyman bullshit.


hmmm ok. with further thought maybe you’re right.

Though I still thing there’s a lot of foggy non-offensive language used by the media so as not to offend conservative groups.


This is how you admit you’re wrong BTW. :slight_smile:


By not admitting you’re wrong?



I said you were probably right in this instance though my broader point/gripe stands.


trying to understand where the “TERF” mindset is coming from.


is it just like the Trumpian stuff like a false belief that their identity is being eroded by the rights of other people?


remember this being very good on this issue, altho haven’t re read it since it came out so dunno.



Would also like to acknowledge that as a white straight man my opinion is not important and I’m aware that having a “curiosity” into the arguments might be considered offensive so I apologise for that.


don’t think learning about stuff like this could ever be bad mate x


well I don’t want it to seem like I’m “whatabouting” or “both sides have valid points”


Being able to offer solidarity and support is always a good thing, even if you’re not directly affected by it, as long as you acknowledge your position and that of others.


my first thought when seeing about these protesters was “they must feel about transgender people the way most of us feel about the white woman who was claiming to be black for a long time”. That must be a false equivalency though surely.