DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


trying to find articles about this now


surely it’s just as simple as gender is self-defined and everyone has the right to decide and be believed about what they identify as.


Same here, when I read about demisexuality I was like that’s me!!! And it felt so nice because I felt like a freak for so many years for never really fancying anyone, especially beyond the years where I could kid myself that I was too young (although from the age of about 7 or 8 kids my age were already talking about crushes so i lost that fight pretty early lol). I’ve never been in a relationship which I know is not very typical at my age but honestly for the first time ever I’m not ashamed or bothered or defensive about it the way I used to be. It’s so nice to have stuff to read up about, especially when you find out your feelings are totally valid, not uncommon and completely okay


Plenty of TERFs have used that argument tbf.


This is good news:


It is great news. 1.2billion people now free to do who they choose. Should hopefully also have some impact in Pakistan & Bangladesh too

Strange that it isn’t much talked about that the British are responsible for homosexuality being illegal in almost all of the countries where that’s the case


If you’ve done so already, brilliant! If not, please consider taking some time to respond to the Government’s consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act. It’s open until 19 October. Stonewall have made it super easy here: https://www.stonewall.org.uk/our-work/campaigns/come-out-trans-equality

If you click on ‘Respond to the Consultation’ it only lists the key questions and gives you some points to include in the ‘Stonewall’s perspective’ grey boxes. You can also respond in full by clicking on the link to the government website.


happy bi visibility day everyone, hope you all had a wonderful day if it’s your thing. we took the nephew out today, talking to him about school and that (he’s 13), asked him if he had a gf and he said no, asked him if he had a bf and he said no, said you know it’s fine to like boys right? and he’s like yeah of course, and we said you know it’s fine to like girls right? and he was like yeah course, and we said it’s fine to like both too! and he was like yeah i know! shut up :zipper_mouth_face: so i think we did our bit :rainbow:

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I’ve been quite interested in it - even as someone who does have crushes and that fairly often, I think it’s interesting as a spectrum. Especially illuminating has been the difference between a romantic orientation and a sexual one, and the fact that you can have one without the other (sometimes I feel like I have the former way more than the latter, and sometimes less so; and it’s nice to understand these things a bit better). Thanks, Bojack.

I sometimes wonder though whether having been relationship-less for so long has totally warped my perception of these things.


think it helps to think of the whole thing in the sense of a spectrum. like, i think of myself as mostly straight, prob like 80%? but then its prob not 1 in 5 people i fancy are men, its prob not that often. but then most men who identify as straight have never kissed a man, which i have, so less than 80%? and also prob most straight-identifying men dont think about this sort of thing either, so maybe less than that. so its prob best for me not to care about it that much, which is what i mostly do. its funny, me and gf joke that our dog is way more interested in saying hello and playing with other female dogs but there are certain male dogs in the park that she loves hanging out with. always joke that she takes after me. and we talk about men we both fancy. idk, who cares really (people! thats the problem innit, other people are dickS)


Today my line manager is in the process of telling 30-odd mostly Daily Mail headline quoting types I’m trans. I would guess by now the whole transphobia bingo sheet has been ticked off.

Then again, they’re currently at work and I’m sat here so :tipping_hand_man:

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I hope things go well for you when you get back to work, and that for now you have a great holiday :sun_with_face:


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hope it goes well for you when you get back :heart:


I think it’s a safe assumption to make when I say that we all support you, however little we know you, and if anyone can’t see and cheer at the beauty of you becoming yourself, they honestly don’t deserve the minds they’ve been given.


Good to see this strong stance from the Girl Guides but sad that some people can’t grasp that a transgender girl is not the same as a non-transgender boy


Classy response from Stonewall regarding this awful petition that’s doing the rounds from the usual faces (although I was disappointed to see Alison Moyet appears to be going down the Glinner road now, too)


Just bumping this as the deadline is next week and lord knows TERFS are going to have their say so you should, too!



A spokesperson for Metro told PinkNews that it worked closely with Fair Play for Women on the content of the advert.

“When Fair Play for Women originally approached us about this advertisement, our commercial team did consult with them carefully on its content and language before agreeing to the final creative in today’s Metro,” said a spokesperson for the newspaper.

“We believe the purpose of this ad is to raise awareness of the government consultation, not to be transphobic.

“We pride ourselves at Metro on taking a balanced political approach, editorially and commercially, serving readers all the information available to us without taking sides.”