DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


Just can’t even believe that response.


Also, how flippant and dismissive people are being in the “gay cake” (even the title) thread has really pissed me off.


Nothing says carefully balanced like literally telling you what to vote for


yeah the ‘gay cake’ thread is really not good if I’m honest and has made me feel a bit sad

not having a go at anyone in particular, or any comment in particular here

made even more annoying cause most people haven’t read the case or familiarised themselves with the legal arguments

I’ve seen people dismissing it as expensive and trivial too, which is also quite hurtful cause it’s being used to undermine the legitimacy of the commission and of the LGBT people who brought the challenge. the case also sets potentially important legal precedent which people are really overlooking. must be nice to not have to worry about how this might affect your rights.


Always good to know exactly what your monetary value is to the general public!


Yeah, I don’t know particularly much about the law but I know enough to know you get seemingly ‘small’ cases which will be funded on either/both sides to try and get a judgement in a high level court which will have wider implications. And it is thoughtless to dismiss something like this just because it doesn’t impact on your own rights - I read similar reactions to cases with ‘minor’ disability discrimination and it is hurtful when people who don’t have to deal with the impacts of it dismiss it as trivial.


This, basically regarding the cake incident


Thanks for bringing the cake thread to my attention and obviously feel free to PM me at any time about well, anything that needs some moderating


I just feel really weird about living in a world where people can and do refuse to make cakes (and other shitty things) for people because they disagree with who they are and that bit of them is a bit that’s like me.

This has been phrased badly.


Just wanted to respond about the gay cake thread. I have had my opinion swayed since posting in it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. That’s why I love this place, and in particular @darwinbabe for constantly making me reconsider my views. If you lack that extra intelligence or ability to think critically all the time (as I do) then it’s easy to see a case like this, know just a few facts, and come to a conclusion based on it. It’s probably human nature to do so, and we are all guilty of it from time to time I’m sure. Realistically people aren’t going to weigh up every side of an argument before wading in to the discussion, but at least by posting rebuttals minds can be changed.

I hope the thread hasn’t caused too much offence, and thanks for posting about it because I bet it has changed more than my opinion, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

I’m also alarmed by how easy it was for me to come to that conclusion, especially as I am part of the LGBT community. Thats pretty fucked up, and hopefully it’ll help me reconsider some of my pre-existing biases in the future.

This might be the most bumlicky post of all time but there you go.


Aaaaand this thread and another this week has made me see how inconsiderate I am at times, despite largely seeing myself as a very considerate person. Always room for improvement, and I’m glad this place calls me out on it.


think you’re amazing Juke. Hope I didnt come across as overly critical, cause I know I can at times.

I have my period so been feeling a bit emotional about things generally


Nah not at all, don’t worry about it x


Happy National Coming Out day, y’all. I came out and told my mum I was engaged at the same time. Don’t do that.


Hi PM.
I started the thread after reading about the case on the BBC News website which is where it was referred to as The Gay Cake. I didn’t mean any offence but take your point, apologies if it seemed heavy-handed


I came out to mine while we were watching Tom Daley on TV, which I think goes to show the importance of visibility really!


I’ve never came out to my parents. But then I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone other than a cis female, so I guess that’s a factor. Don’t really feel the need to tell them who I’m shagging… is anyone else in this boat? I’d tell them if they outright asked.


Hi! I’m bi but I don’t really tell anyone about it because I feel like it’s a cop out or something given that I’m not really even sure myself - I fancy girls more than I fancy men and I like sex with them but anytime it’s been even a smidgen more than that and proper affection is involved I don’t like it at all, so I only have relationships with men.

So I don’t know, maybe it’s just a fetish I indulge?


Yeah, similar (other than the going out with a woman bit). I mean they obviously know, but we’ve never had a formal conversation about it and, like you, I’d be uncomfortable discussing my sex life with them (and would whatever my sexual orientation, tbh).