DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


Yeah I only really came out because we were engaged and felt it was a bit off that everyone else knew except my mum, pretty much. In different circumstances it might have been different (never told my dad before he died, though, which I sort of regret but he was very ill in the last years of his life and it never seemed like a good time).


Pretty sure my parents just saw me talking about it on social media and whenever I’ve discussed it Ive just said I’m queer and left it at that.

My dad used to ask if I had a girlfriend but I’ve had a bf for like 5 years now and I don’t think they know it’s open.

Stood up in a room with lots of people and came out last week too which was nice.


I’m in awe of anyone who does this. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for some people


Similar here. I described myself as bi for many years and would sleep with men and women fairly interchangeably (yes, yes, at the same time where possible). However, I’ve only ever been in relationships with women and never even been vaguely close to having an actual relationship with a man. Seem to have unconsciously largely stopped referring to myself as bi in recent years - although that said, as a man in his 40s with a long term partner and two kids people tend to make their own assumptions rather than asking. Sometimes think that my bi-sexuality might be more down to convenience/not being fussy…


This for me, except for the last sentence.

Although I’ve described myself as Pan since I was aware of the term, although I am wary of using it as I think it’s seen as a fad to a lot of people.

I’d have a relationship with a man, but it probably won’t happen as most men I meet are purely for hook-ups, and even then there’s a lot of criteria they’ve gotta match before I’m interested.


Think I might be a bit bi but personally don’t really care


No urge to explore it at all?


Not really, what’s to explore?



Sometimes I find men sexually attractive but also not for me. Honestly haven’t given it much thought before now but I guess it’s a good day for it :slight_smile:


Well, that’s fine too. You’re not obliged to do anything.


I think also certain members of my family would find it difficult or awkward if I was bisexual so it’s not worth the bother


You can be sexually attracted to some people but not romantically, and vice versa.

Tbh I think I would probably just say I’m queer cause the whole thing is so confusing and I find it really hard to distinguish different types of relationships or to know when something is stable enough as a desire to say that the desire is part of who I am. I don’t experience any of it as innate.


yeah I mean I can feel different on different days/weeks/months so I don’t really think about it too deeply (which is weird because I think about most other things deeply)


also as a mostly straight white male I’d feel a bit attention seeking identifying as LGBTQI+ just because occasionally I fancy men


Its really common to have same sex fantasies but to feel too awkward or never be in a position to actually have that type of sex. Or even if you do, to never feel able to have an enduring relationship. That’s kinda one of the main features of living in a homophobic society I guess. It minoritises a group of people with certain characteristics that would be otherwise unremarkable.


I remember the first person I had a really big crush on was a guy from my school year when I was about 12 but I completely repressed that, I wonder how many people go through a similar experience. Must be loads


it’s funny thinking on that now actually that might have had a pretty big effect on my self-esteem


Yeah was thinking about this recently. Loads of people first sexual experience was with someone of the same gender. I think people reconcile it as a sort of practice or thing you grow out of.


anyway sorry to hijack the thread.

Good luck finding love and acceptance to all x