DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


Finally got round to doing this. The consultation closes on FRIDAY so please guys get on it!!

Might make a separate thread tomorrow urging people to fill it out, just to make it more visible :pray:


Yeah, go for it!

On a similar note, did anyone watch the first episode of Butterfly on ITV last night? I didn’t expect much from it but thought it was great.


Just did this as well :+1:, pretty sad to see the discussion around this getting increasingly poisonous online/in the media. Naturally the guardian are going for the ‘both sides’ argument.


Writing prominent articles and receiving wide coverage in all the mainstream press is maybe not the best way to make the case that you’re being silenced.


So pissed off at this. I’ve seen the vitriol and abuse trans people have targeted at them by transphobes. It’s disgusting and violent. A friend of mine appeared on Newsnight recently talking about the use of womxn instead of women/woman, she compiled a collage of all the abuse she received via Twitter and it’s utterly staggering and horrifying. So when these groups like Woman’s Place and Fair Play For Women rock up and please their innocence, claiming they simply want respectful debate, yeah well they can go fuck themselves. I’m fucked off at The Guardian for pandering to them too. They should do some research - at the Woman’s Place protest in Brighton we were subject to verbal and physical abuse by attendees. Two of the attendees were arrested for assault and hate speech.


sorry that was really ranty.


Full page ad in today’s Metro, albeit not in quite a prominent place as the horrible one (could do without the police / LGBT Tories but I get why they’re there)


Someone in my extended family came out as trans about a year ago. I saw them testerday for the first time since April, and it’s so great to see them become more and more what is clearly the person they want to be/feel like on the inside. They’ve apparently started hormones now as well which must be such an amazing feeling. The only person that doesn’t know yet is their grandmother, but I think that’s happening soon as well.


Ends tomorrow !!


My flatmate (who I’ve known for a month and got frequently annoyed at for never doing any washing up) came out as trans to me little over a week ago. I said all the things I wanted to hear when I came out to people (That’s good news/ I’m always here for you if you need). Not sure what else to do really, if I need to do anything at all. We’re not massively close and I don’t like talking about my private life to people, but at the same time, we live together, just want to make sure they’re ok at what probably is a tough time. Any advice?


Bisexual heteroromantic.

I worried for years and years that I might be ‘repressed’, despite having been in love with more than one cis-female, crushing on plenty more throughout life and never having been interested in a same sex relationship, despite enjoying a couple of same sex encounters I’m the past, and still enjoying the idea of such.

Can’t remember where I read the term, but when I did it instantly clicked that this was a pretty normal (and probably more common than people admit) part of the spectrum of human sexuality.

As I’m in a (very) long term relationship (kids, mortgage) I suspect it will remain pretty unimportant in the scheme of my life from this point onwards, just part of my inner world.

Almost no one I know knows, mostly because I can’t be assed to explain it to people, but if it helps someone here then it was worth sharing.


Obviously I don’t know your flatmate’s situation, but speaking generically in terms of how to be supportive:

• (Politely) correct other people re: name and pronouns when not in presence of flatmate, and challenge transphobic comments - most trans people stop doing this pretty quickly because it’s fucking exhausting. And, naturally, cis people doing this is much more effective.
• Don’t assume it’s necessarily a “tough time” unless there is reason to believe so - for many trans people coming out can be a positive and exciting time. And if it is “tough” it’s usually because of other people’s attitudes.
• Don’t tiptoe around the subject or shoehorn it in to everything (should be obvious but most people seem to do one or the other). Take cues from them re: how much they want to share - if they seem open to sharing then ask (sensible) questions.
• If you use social media, respond to posts/tweets re: trans issues.


Oooo thank you! This is helpful :blush:


this is really helpful, thank you

to @PocketMouse and others - I’m planning a workshop to take place in a couple of months on how to be a good LGBT+ ally and I’m collecting a lot of resources so any links to useful stuff like this would be great. we’re gonna do it for around 20 people then scale it up if it’s successful.


The deadline for public consultation on the GRA has been extended to midday today, so if you haven’t done it, there’s still time.

Also, I think this is a good piece.


The website was running so slowly on Friday. Hopefully that’s a good thing.


I complain to the BBC every single time they describe some anti-abortion group as ‘pro-life’.

That’s how they describe themselves, the BBC responded to my first complaint.

If I described myself as young, handsome, slim and hung like a horse, that’d be my self-description. But it’s still be untrue.

No response.


How would you know?


You’re really committed to this (and I love it)


Ha ha. You’re right, of course. I meant every time I heard them say it.