DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


Just been hanging out with B. Ruby Rich all weekend



This seems like a positive step:


In the queue for snacks at the cinema, I heard a woman talking with two children about why Elsa (is it Elsa?) being a lesbian in the next Frozen film would be a positive step forward. The kids seemed to really understand. It was quite sweet.


Was having a nice chat with an older lady about her experience as a lesbian and she started complaining about trans people attacking terfs :frowning:


Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in the neurodiversity thread, thought it was slightly more relevant to this one. Apologies for linking to the daily mail. I saw them talking about this on the jeremy vine show this morning so I made the mistake of googling the story. Seems like the daily mail’s new line of attack against transgender acceptance is autism. They have done a few articles in the last couple of days:

It is pretty infuriating, they are framing it like people are not actually transgender they are just autistic, like they are mutually exclusive, and just showing their general ignorance as the higher prevalence of autistic people that are transgender is pretty well established in the research, also suggesting autistic people are not capable of making big decisions like this.

hope it backfires on them and rather than undermines actually just raises awareness of the connection


This has been a major TERF line of attack for ages (trans women = perverts who want to dominate women, trans men = autistic girls who don’t know any better and are manipulated by The System). TERFs and the far right are starting to work together now, so not surprising their arguments are joining up.

There is definitely a correlation (especially with trans men). So what? It will be partially explained by autistic people already being ‘outside the norm’ and so being less concerned about societal pressures etc so being more inclined to transition. But there’s probably something there beyond that.

It just really, really infuriates me. I’d got worried by all this bullshit when I had my diagnostic appointment and so brought up being autistic really nervously - psychologist wasn’t in the least bit concerned.

The gender dysphoria services working with children are generally very cautious and will be especially cautious with an autistic child.

On a brighter note, less than one month until T-day, #fuckTERFs etc


Also I love the accusations of grooming. Young people who are experiencing something that other people around them at best don’t understand and at worst feel hatred/disgust about want to seek advice and support on the internet from others? Crazy stuff right there.


yeah grooming is a really irresponsible word for them to have used, there is no crime here, there are no people that have come forward saying they were pressured into anything, completely invented non-problem, just similar kids becoming friends by the sound of it


Didn’t read the article but just got a summary from it at other sources. They know exactly what they’re doing by using that word.

Also surely it’s a given that if you have trans children at a school, others experiencing gender dysphoria are more likely to be comfortable coming out - so it’s not at all surprising to have a fairly large number of trans students at one school and none at another. Feel horrible for those students right now - hope that teacher is found and fired immediately.


I was talking with a friend ages ago and they said they thought that really gender was a neurotypical concept and that totally makes sense to me. Seems perfectly logical that a lot of autistic people don’t feel that fit in to neurotypical gender norms, it isn’t like we really fit into other boxes easily, is it?


Nice one!
I saw a transphobic article somewhere but I didn’t really read it and it lead me to youtube where there are a lot of people who have documented their time on T over the years. Absolutely amazing that it can so dramatically change you (in ways I wasn’t aware of) and give all the elements to make those transitioning feel more like the person they’re meant to be. I personally had no idea what it could really do so it’s great that there are people out there who have documented it for everyone else to feel confident about starting it.


I saw this recently and thought it was brilliant:

It’s over now but may well re-emerge in the future. Thought Travis was brilliant and it trod a really delicate line between good humour and brutal darkness and honesty. As a cisgender male it was a really harrowing experience, in a very valuable way. I left the theatre immediately afterwards even though there were free drinks because I felt like I wanted to cry.


I saw it too, both this run and a very early version last year. Travis is a hero.


I need someone to talk to about the Bisexual on channel 4


Still haven’t seen it, any good?


yeah it’s great

I’m in love with Desiree Akhavan


Saw her in anything for the first time earlier this year and was struck by how good she was:

Have since seen her in Flowers and she was also good in that. Will check out The Bisexual :+1:


Interesting story about a school local to me about pupils identifying themselves in non-traditional ways. I’m not surprised that Brighton is being progressive in this way :slight_smile: , nor am I surprised by the negative below the line comments :frowning:



saw the usual dickheads complaining about this but the response is that if kids see someone coming out as trans or nb or whatever and them being accepted and happy then obviously they’re going to be more comfortable doing the same. god i hate people