DiS LME Christmas drinks




16th or 22nd (yes, a school night) of December?


Don’t @whiterussian me, guys, ffs


Aye. 16th?


I might actually be around in that shithole on the 22nd


I can do either

  • 16th
  • 22nd

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Here you go


16th = Company Christmas Do*
22nd = perfect

*) potentially can join DiS LME later in the evening


as long as i got a beretta, i’m down for whatever (as long as it’s on the 16th)


I’d be up for coming up on the 22nd.


22nd and I might show up


I don’t drink actually


lime and soda is available


22nd Works better for me, too.


I would enjoy this. I could probably make either 16th or 22nd.


Playing an Xmas gig in Highbury on 16th, you should all just come to that


16th is probably better for me I think I’m headed out of town for the rest of the month.


15th! I have my last exam that day and will be in London anyway.


15th is the evening of the DiS Football Awards. You’re more than welcome to join; there will be drinks and banter.


22nd is better but can do 16th before pissing off to other Chrimbus drinks in Camberwell.


Would be up for a jazz pint on either day.