DiS LME Meat: Friday, March 24th

In a pub somewhere TBC (suggestions welcomed, please not rammed or shite)

Are you in, or are you out?

(I’m planning this well in advance in the hope it allows more folk to come?)

yeah sure, count me in. everywhere will be rammed but how about the porterhouse in covent garden? it’s huge and we might be able to reserve a section. have some of their own beers brewed on site which are affordable(ish, i think?)


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Only thing against that pub aside from being rammed is it’s quite noisy. I guess once I get an idea of numbers I can ask about booking tables innit.

(It’s also dead easy for me to get home from there so yes excellent)

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aye no idea tbh. anywhere that’s central on a friday is gonna be rammoed.

I guess that’s why previously we’ve gone a bit further out; Islington isn’t too bad if you get there before 6ish for example, but maybe not convenient for everybody.

Anyway, any more suggestions guys please let me know.

Can make it for a few early on, preferably in the Islington area. Craft Beer Co?

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we’ve mentioned the alwyne castle a few times. inside’s a write-off but it’s got a big outdoors bit with heaters and benches.

yeah would be good for summertime meats

(I’ve cycled back to mine from there very drunk, really really bad idea ffs)


Would go for some of this meat action.

But - could it not be the week before?

Still up for it though. :thumbsup: Porterhouse is great for me after work too.

there’s always one!!!

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maybe I’ll go to this!


yes pls

obviously not, no.

I am absolutely not going to this

Sorry, I don’t want to.

ah gwan


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Sorry, my hands are tied by the first post.