DiS LME Meat: Friday, March 24th





Yes geesey!!

(you about?)


well jelly.


Supposed to visit my brother in the UK in April. Will check if I can swing it for the end of March instead. Flights from Cork are cheap so it is tempting.



Do it.


We’ll skype you


I’m afraid not as I am not around and I am pivotal to the success of this event :sunglasses: :cool:


Too short notice niks




I’m a busy member of the LME



I can’t help it if I like to plan ahead, Eric.


There are currently more people out than in which isn’t great, is it, ffs


Will of the people :confused:


12 people’s still a decent crowd.


not if you discount the people who aren’t even in the country. illegal votes tbh


Had a chat with the brother, turns out he’s coming to Ireland the week after this so, unfortunately, ah’m oot!

If there’s one later in the year with a bit more notice I will definitely be there though!


Yeah. Some of these live in Australia/Scotland/Norway, right?


Quality over quantity as well


I wanted to somehow feel involved in this momentous occasion.