DiS LME Meat: Friday, March 24th



By making @plasticniki feel unloved? You monster.


get the fuck on down (to trash bash)


Ironically, I am in The Island Of White that weekend...


Haha I'd love to! Will have to time my next London visit with a meat.

Every time I get even slightly drunk I start convincing myself I should organise an Edinburgh/Glasgow one only to wake up the next day and :chicken: out :blush:

...ONE DAY!!!


We should still go ahead with this anyway, Nikkers.


(why wouldn't we??)



You were sounding flaky.


Ah. No way josé.


Just saw this. This should happen.


Have you been to a Ed/Glas meet before?


I have not! Only one I remember there being was in Glasgow when @imaperv was up I think? Wasn't around for that anyway.


Oooh, I see. I presumed there had been more. Wrong!


oh well that's all I remember since I've lived here and been active on DiS anyway, think there might have been more ages ago


I can do a live stream to this event if I really need to - I understand that there's been a lot of disappointment over my refusal to attend these sorts of things.


cool well I'd be up for it one day! Wooo!!! It'll be like @carmen 's big ol' Porto meat sandwich but with DiSers... with a goddamn egg on it!!


Let me know in advance when you organise one of these because flights from Ireland to Scotland are fucking cheap out. €20 return? Soundddddd.


Omg really??? That would be so cool!


You should do this.


If given a month or two's notice I'd be able to do it!


If you do this, can you please call it Glenino?