DiS LME Meat: Friday, March 24th





what’s the plan, ‘plan’-ik?




going to Northampton the next day so might as well just stay in London overnight, right??






shall I just book a table at the Craft Beer Co in Islington?

  • aye
  • nay

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Would go Porterhouse first, Craft Beer Co second tbh tbf, but wherever :thumbsup:


not really doable with a big group of people, has to be one or tother tbh


My Wolfcastle sense is tingling


really? erm


Ah, I thought you thought I was saying we should literally go to the Porterhouse first and then Craft Beer Co afterwards (like on a crawl), but I was saying I’d rather go to the Porterhouse as a first choice for a venue and Craft Beer Co as a second choice, but both are fine really and I realise I may be teeing up the wolfcastle here


ahhh gotcha



The Craft Beer Co. in Islington, Friday 24th March, from 5.30pm onwards.


I will endeavour to get there as early as possible, but probably 6.30 earliest.


let’s put in a real effort this time, guys. i wanna see people falling over drunk, not going home at 8pm.


Happy to do this if we can share the YBF money.



omg are you coming??


Yeah I think so, I’m seeing JFDR in Peckham later in the evening but it’d be great to see you great bunch o’ GBOLs again.