DiS LME Meat: Friday, March 24th



shall I come to this?

  • Yes
  • No

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Looking to chat to like-minded cyclists in YOUR area?



I don’t think anyone has had a bad time at a pn-organised meat.

(have they?)


Pretty strong group of INs. You’d be crazy to miss out on this if you’re around in London. Also, probably my last LME meat before I head up to the hallowed land of sexybum et al.


Voting no yourself? Poor form, @profk.


i had a bad belly from drinking in wetherspoons all day

oh nooo!


I definitely owe you a pint this time. Hold me to this!


As a relatively new LME-er, I may try and drop in as it’s sort of on my way home. And loads of you were dead helpful in my ‘where to live in London’ thread.


You forgot to post the link to the song to which you want eric4 to hold you.


commence the hazing ritual!!!


Hope you’re enjoying Morden!


Theme music to Brooklyn 99. I think @ericthefourth would enjoy that.




Andre Braugher has been incredible in the latest season :grinning:


he’ll always be frank pembleton to me


I’ll be there early and leaving early like a loser :v:


I’ll be there. Drunk.






i’m going to come but i bloody forgot i told them i’d meet them for a drink didn’t i. absolutely no way i can bring them so i’ll probably head over to meet them later after about 6 pints and be a state.