DiS Local Meetups


Would anyone would think having the occasional community meetup be a good idea? Possibly a Facebook group for Drowned in Sound community members for various regions?


These guys are all massive losers. You don’t want to meet up with them. Trust me.


@lme @mme @gyt


Like fuck would I want to be in the same room as the fucking bog people from round here. Threw up in my mouth a bit just thinking about it. Urgh.


I’m currently planning something in London on October 4th to coincide with our 16th Birthday. Deals as soon as I can confirm it.


Anyone going to be knocking about West End (Surrey, yeah we got one too you fucking Soho pricks) next Thursday lunchtime?


Bars & Pubs & Clubs too guys. Not necessarily plastic tables & fold out chairs. We’re not going to church :slight_smile:


me and the other 2 Irish posters will sit in a room and grumble at eachother about the weather whilst listening to the 5th disc of the john peel sessions Fall box set


Doesn’t sound like my cup of tea tbh. How about an Irish meetup where we just drink way too many pints of stout in an old man pub in Dublin. Grogan’s maybe.


Nah lets go to a scary belfast bar where people shout at you for looking like Justin Beiber. Maybe attend a few Orange Order marches?


Naaaaah, you’re okay pb. I can do without ever hearing ‘The Sash’ ever again.


It would be great if there were regional DiS gignights. Say London, Manchester and Glasgow, which are pretty much the three main heartlands of DiSers, eh, on a rotational basis, one every two months maybe. Sadly, Sean only wants things to happen in that London, though, probably so he can get there quickly in his new helicopter.


Start a DiS LoL lodge (:


would be nice to meet a human being again


What is this?


What do u mean?


Just two? Disgraceful so it is.


Do we need an Irish person Audit?


Birmingham DiSers; if we went to see every band every time they scheduled a Birmingham date on their UK tours, we could probably get a good regular meet-up going once every twelve years or so

But seriously, I’ve seen some wicked gigs in Birmingham. It’s a good place, man


Its @cowcow @Icarus-Smicarus and @foppyish


all the others