DiS Logo Shrinks when Website / Support DiS links displayed

Recently, @sean added a couple of links to the header, namely Website & Support DiS. When these links are visible, the icon doesn’t have enough space, so it displays in a shrunken version as you can see from this screenshot taken on my Android mobile phone.

When viewing a specific thread, those links are not visible and so you see the logo in full size again.

Whilst there’s nothing functionally broken here, it does look a bit strange and is a newly introduced UX issue so I thought I’d mention it here in case it wasn’t known already.

I’d spotted this already so I’ve nothing to add to your issue @ma0sm but I thought I’d mention you’ve got a new podcast episode downloading and Google Photos wants to spam you with memories. x

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On mobile, the logo disappears completely most the time. Bit annoying.

Oh really? Haven’t seen that. What theme are you on?

DiS logo sinks when thrown over the side of a boat

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It reappears when you scroll the screen down a little.

Sometimes it seems to but not always

Remember, on the old site, when you could click the little man and he’d sink below the water?

Maybe you need to get a new phone.

(you have to scroll it down by about half a centimetre or more on mine)

Non-sticky man

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Im sure theo will have it sorted soon

What phone am I ordering for you?

fuck off :wink:

I can turn this off if everyone hates it. I just wanted to find a way of keeping the support us link once people close it.

I sincerely doubt anyone has a problem with it in principle, would just be good if there’s a way of including it without breaking functionality.

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I’ve removed this website link. Does that help?

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It has! For me at least…

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Yeah much better thanks!

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