DiS London multi-meet Saturday 14/09: lunch at Mestizo then evening meet tbc

Actual meat optional within your meal, naturally.

A bit of chat in the evening thread about doing another DiS dinner (DiSner) at Mestizo, a nice Mexican restaurant in London (Euston way I think?) where the first dinner meat was last year. Plenty of vegan options, would have to check for other dietary requirements as I don’t remember off the top of my head.

First organisational poll: would you be interested in coming to this?

  • Yes, if it was a weekday evening.
  • Yes, if it was on a weekend.
  • No thanks, I just like polls.

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I’d prefer a weekend.

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Morning bump.

I’d love a DIS Meet…

i’m interested but also away for the majority of sept, will follow thread and come if i can


I’m in the UK from the 5th-15th so I’m in if it’s one of those dates :slight_smile:

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Sameish. We’ve got a wedding on the 14th and are planning to go away for a week too.

Would love to come if we are free :blush:

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tentative weekend yes


Away for a week at the end of Sept, otherwise yes!


This thread has reminded me that food was never a factor in the Brighton DiS Meat. Booze, obviously, but food?!?!

@anon73286315 @grievoustim @ynot @Scagden @chris-budget Did anyone get some Fatto a Mano at Holler after I left?

yeah we got 4 pizzas after you went

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Yes we did! Was good (bit I think I’d already done the empty stomach drinking damage before then) :grimacing:


Might be able to pop down if its one of the last two weeks in Sept. Might not though


I also ate just before meeting everyone, I’m quite glad I did.

yeah me too - I would not have done well otherwise

I’m also potentially up for this. I’d prefer a weekend but weeknights aren’t out the question.

I am away for a week in September, so as long as it doesn’t clash with that.

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We ordered 4 veggie pizzas, we got 2 salami