DiS London multi-meet Saturday 14/09: lunch at Mestizo then evening meet tbc

Ok, with apologies to those only available on weekdays, weekend seems to be winning.

Saturdays they do their normal menu, with mains starting from £10.50.

Sunday, assuming the afternoon is best for anyone out of town, they do a brunch buffet thing which is a bit more spendy at £20 a head - http://london.mestizomx.com/brunch-buffet/

So, with that in mind, what days can people do? (all September)

  • Saturday 7th
  • Sunday 8th
  • Saturday 14th
  • Sunday 15th
  • Saturday 21st
  • Sunday 22nd
  • Saturday 28th
  • Sunday 29th

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In theory I could do any of those dates I think as I have nothing else on in September, though will have to check babysitting :grimacing:

Evening bump that I meant to do hours ago which will probably be useless now but doing it anyway.

Slightly more useful morning bump.

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Depends, I’d like to if I can though

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the day winning is the one i can do!

also, Tiny Moving Parts gig that night

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Ok, Saturday 14th is leading by a very narrow margin, shall we go for that?

Also, what time would work best? I was thinking maybe 2pm as it gives plenty of time to travel to/from for people further away, and for me it should also mean I get back for R’s bedtime.

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Works for me!


I’m in!

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I’m going back to Brno the next day so this actually works really well :+1:t2: yaay

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I’m out. Enjoy y’all

Nooo :frowning:

This is the worst part about meat organising, there is never a date where you can get everyone available.

Works for me


70% in


Unfortunately I’m away that weekend but as my September is super busy anyway, this date is as good as any other.

Ok, so Saturday the 14th of September, who’s in?

  • I am :partying_face:
  • I am not :frowning:

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@incandenza so you don’t miss it

Can’t come :cry:
Friends wedding :blush:
We get to ride a miniature railway :partying_face:
Sad to miss this tho :worried:

Well, current uptake only involves people who can also do Sunday the 8th, which I see you might be available for? Also before I closed the poll it managed to tie with the 14th anyway. Hmm, maybe I should do another poll? Why is meat organising so difficult?

I’m in

People are flighty, dont worry too much about it. If it happens it’ll be good, if not nae bother.

Going out for finner with you and dingers to make up for missing stratford would be swell though!