DiS London multi-meet Saturday 14/09: lunch at Mestizo then evening meet tbc





I’m afraid I’m not going to make this. I think I upgraded to include the meal in the end.

But I have a sickly headache and I’m still not out of bed. I’d have to get moving sharpish to make it and I don’t really fancy eating.


Oh no, sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon x


I’m trying to figure out what to do with my leg/this. But then will make my way (spoilers
Because graphically gross)

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This genuinely might have scuppered my attendance because I did not realise it was so bad and I am livid

Fuck, that looks nasty :grimacing:

Don’t hurt yourself more to come if it is painful x

Though obviously selfishly we all want you there if you can manage it x

hey kids. im still gonna swing by for a short period of time. without going into gory details i have discovered that i am, in general, not very well recently, and it’s going to take some quite long term medical things to (hopefully) cure me. so i am not in the right place to carouse and would basically just be a brutal debbie downer. sorry in advance for not being in Full Party Xylo mode!


Oh man, that sounds very difficult :frowning:

Any xylo mode would be a welcome addition to the party, this day time part will be pretty low key and hopefully manageable x

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I am trying to clean it and everything but this is… not good.

I am so fucking angry at myself

o/ Enjoy the meet guys

I’m trying to avoid sitting down for long periods, settled on laying on my tummy!

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GWS ducky x

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I’ll be all good in a couple of days apparently :slight_smile: its not so bad!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Love you xylo, let us know if there’s anything we can do x

@elthamsmateowen omg what happened??

Poor @ynot and @Yesiamaduck feel better soon pals xx


thank you dings. the board’s friendship in general is fucking lovely

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What’s happening for the evening bit? Is anyone going to still be around? I’m not sure if i have the energy to go but would like to know just in case pls

I am arriving - can anyone let me know the name it’s booked in if I’m first?

Been sat at Newbury Park station for over 45 minutes. TfL says ‘minor’ delays lol

I’m here. Table at the back by the bar. Blue t shirt.