DiS March Madness!

It’s the NCAA college basketball championship, otherwise known as March Madness, which means every website is making #content based around the idea of brackets, like this:

I was thinking that in the interest of our own #content, we could make a DiS bracket! We could rank Dissers (beeves!) Or thing Dissers like! Or bands or some shit I don’t know, it’s a slow day. But it would mean a lot of good polls.

Okay, round one:

  • Ruffers
  • Eric

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Can we see an entire bracket for a DiS one? It is more fun when you can project forward.

Also, for your fyi hyg if you are doing ESPN’s tournament challenge we have a group over in the NBA thread if you want to join.

I think ranking DiSers is a bad idea and just asking for trouble. I’ve seen this work well for ranking songs, sitcoms or something like that

Good beeve potential in here

I suggest anon votes for added paranoia

Have never heard it referred to as a bracket before, thought it was called a tournament chart or something. Was ready to loudly scoff at you but thought I would do some rudimentary research and it turns out that’s what it’s called, which is annoying.

Poll doesn’t work, can’t vote for Eric

Also I wouldn’t win out in a popularity contest on here as am quite a highbrow taste that a lot of people wouldn’t understand

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@ericVI what can we do about hyg

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doesn’t accept WRONG ANSWERS

I’m fryeyes.jpg at this whole thread

If you want to do a bracket, get 64 Dissers to sign up, put them in a bracket, then get each to roll three discobot dice or something to see who goes through to the next round. No (real) beeves, no skill, just March Madness!

I think a tournament of Dissers is a very bad idea, I just picked Eric and Ruffers for the first joke poll because they are a great bunch of lads.

I’m sure we can come up with 64 “Things Dissers like” though.

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