DiS Meat 19th Jan: An Audience with Rich T


Getting some practice in now. Need to be in peak physical shape


Dammit I’m working nights! Why am I always working niiiiiiights :sob:

I shall try and book it off when I get to work… later tonight…


we’re counting on you to do some serious damage at the bar, big man. really make him regret his kind offer.


I’ll try not to bankrupt him. I’m not a bastard


Regrettably this is the weekend of my Christmas (aka THE Countdown tournament in Lincoln). Nothing at all will keep me from spending 80% of my weekend in the same (excellent) provincial pub. Will try to get up to some cheeky antics in the Travelodge in honour of the hot tub orgy that is doubtless happening chez xylo.


I think that’s my weekend in at work :frowning:


It’s my weekend off, and you have the same weekend off as me normally unless you’ve swapped?


wonder how much a taxi to London would cost me


We could also do a live haircut demo


Oh man, it’s all over the shop at the moment :rofl: It should be my weekend off, but I’d requested 12/13 January off ( :biking_man: CX Nationals :uk: ) and IDK whether I’ll get two off in a row or whether I’ll end up swapping them round. IDK I don’t get involved :laughing:

I will have worked 11 of the previous 15 weekends though by that point >.>


There’s no chance I could make this but I’ve cleared my schedule to stay in and read about it/like all photos.


Maybe, if any MME want to do train beers and then first train home then I might be into it…


I would V much like to do this. Will look into arrangements


i’ll chip in

(for a reasonable route, not a taxi haha)


anyone else singing “I am the Winchester pintman” to the tune of the lyric “I am the Winchester linesman” from After the Rush Hour by Million Dead?


I might be available for this, if everyone’s ok with being introduced to a shy Warwickshire person who might talk about Ukraine and/or Autism without much prompting.


Stop getting laid in honour of xylo!



Omg Pervo!!! :see_no_evil:


So I was thinking the Craft Beer Co. in Islington coz a) they have long tables, b) they have good assortments of foodstuffs (including I believe vegan and veggie but will check today) and they of course have a LOT of beers to push into @rich-t’s face.


I’ve been to various meats here. That’s fine by me. Easy for the tube home too