DiS Meat 19th Jan: An Audience with Rich T


excited to have you dude, and i hope the daytime is okay and not too hard.


where’s good to stay in london?


South London


I booked coach tickets out of possibly insanity from Coventry. Will get into London around 5, should be in Islington for 6ish.


:smiley: dude


Real sorry guys but I’m out. My wife’s turn for a night out this weekend so I’m staying in.


I didn’t want to meet you again anyway :sob:




Trying to work out whether I can turn up to the pub with a hockey stick, as it looks like it might be a late finish in Luton…


We have space for 12/14 marked out, and i’ve told them to expect people to trickle in from 5 onwards. Life is good. If we bulk out further than that i’m sure we can liberate more space especially as we’ll be there early on :slight_smile:


Can I get a new attendance check in pls?

  • I am probably coming
  • Stick your fucking twat beer night out in your dumb bald face, xy.

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almost certainly out now (unless it snows or something), soz @rich-t


oh i can make it snow Niki. See you there :expressionless:


:smile: / :sob:


do it. if they try and stop you: you have a hockey stick.


iirc the pub doesn’t have bouncers on the door so you should be fine @marckee


It’s more that I’m quite likely to forget it and leave it in the corner of the pub.


we need to fashion you some kind of hockey mitten


I really wish I could make it, but got some family commitments that weekend in the way.

Hope it is a really good meat and @rich-t gets good value from his raffle prize :slight_smile:


@rich-t you goddamn tricksy poll so and so