DiS meat eaters

How does one cook these chicken breaded tenderloins?

I fry one up for my daughter every now and again and what I know is that undercooked chicken can be very bad and overcooked chicken can be very unappetising.

Internet says 4 mins a side but to ight this, was barely 3 a side I think…

Looks pretty burned and tbh it feels quite firm in the centre which I am told is overdone.

So how do you time this shit? What am I meant to do? How pink is too pink because there is definitely a pinkness to the white here in my view but my wife will say no that’s done.

Some parts of chicken are pinker than others naturally. Check the juices are running clear over the meat colour


youve just got to make sure the juices are running clear, especially if its off the bone. on the bone you tend to get more pinkness near the bone, but its usually fine

Get yourself a wee meat thermometer if you want to really be on the safe side pal. But yeah, juices running clear is the best indicator aside from that.

I tend to overdo chicken in all contexts, I don’t mind it being a bit tougher.

If it was a breaded thing like that I’d just do it in the oven, were you frying / grilling it?

Yeah I’d quickly fry both sides all buttery and flavoury and then oven for like 5 minutes. Just don’t burn the butter when you’re frying though.

If I am unsure with I cut it in half and then touch the middle, if its too hot to hold my finger there its done. Might not work so well with thinner slices.

Yeah was frying. What temp do you oven something like that then?

Pretty much everything goes in at 180c fan until it’s done (except oven chips in which case as hot as possible).


For reference I do chicken fingers for the kid’s dinner (just like fish fingers but chicken), they take 12-13 mins in the oven at 180C fan with a flip in the middle, and you can leave them in there for longer if you fancy, just don’t let them turn to charcoal.


yep, as everyone else says, oven. 180, about 20 minutes i guess?

that looks like it’s cooked to me, though


Yeah, a proper chicken breast / kiev or something will be more like 30-40 minutes, depends on the size of the piece of chicken.

The chicken looks fine to me BTW theo, but yeah oven is probs easier (judging by the thickness of them I’d say 180 for 20-25 mins)

That Dagher bloke is literally every vegan I know. EVERY VEGAN.

Anyway back to the topic at hand; brown the chicken off in a frying pan, stick it in the oven for twenty minutes and then fry it off

20 up to 40 mins in the oven?

Fuck that guys. This girl has no concept of being hungry in the future :frowning:

Can you bake them?


The pack should give the cooking time, the standard breaded chicken will about 20-25mins.

Do you have time to put it in oven earlier so it’s ready when she’s hungry, you can just leave it while it cooks so less time consuming than frying.

Are these ready made from a supermarket?
It’ll say on the packet.