DiS meat eaters


The pack should give the cooking time, the standard breaded chicken will about 20-25mins.

Do you have time to put it in oven earlier so it’s ready when she’s hungry, you can just leave it while it cooks so less time consuming than frying.


Are these ready made from a supermarket?
It’ll say on the packet.


And @NickDS these are from the butcher so no packet.

Timing means usually we don’t have luxury of long cooking times


she’ll have to realise at some point that food doesn’t get magic’d up instantly tho? idk, 20 minutes in the oven seems fine to me?

really fancy some breaded chicken now.


The butcher should still give instructions if its a processed item.

Maybe just cook up like 3 at some point during the week and then when she wants one, blast it in the microwave


I could really go a chicken kiev, chips and beans. The cheap shit kind of kiev and branston beans obvs.




No one mentioned frying them at a lower heat for the 4 minutes a side ?


That’ll take too long!!! NO TIME!! MUST FRY QUICK!!!


tbh i would very rarely fry anything like that. everything gets oven’d. or grilled at a push.


Honestly never known anyone to fry chicken (at home, like). Sounds really unhealthy.

Just grill it. Lower the heat and leave it in for longer if you’re worried about it not being cooked through.


No microwave here.

I mean yeah @plasticniki at the weekend it’s easier but the trek back from school is a slog so when we get in she is usually fully starving. The problem with longer cooking is you tend to need to give her a snack and then the appetite is buggered


That’s what I’m trying but even on the lowest ring it seems way too powerful - like that is the result


But you’re only talking 10 mins difference between frying and oven cooking.

Frying them like that will pretty much always mean they’re gonna burn. I’m not sure she’s going to care about the chicken being too dry.


hmm. why is she starving? doesn’t eat enough at school?

i would still go down the oven route unfortunately :frowning:


Butter or oil?

Olive, sunflower, rapeseed ?


The issue with frying isn’t the speed it’s that I don’t know how to judge if it’s done right.


Bracket your exposures


Kids that age have no fat reserve - when they get hungry they fall off a cliff


6 to 8 mins frying vs 20 to 40 mins in the oven.

@plasticniki she doesn’t eat huge amounts at a time I’m afraid. Little stomach and she is unable to judge being peckish vs starving either