DiS meat eaters


I have zero idea what this means?


It’s not 40 mins. It’s 20 mins. Not sure where you’re getting 40 mins from.

Look the frying method ain’t working for you cause you’re burning it and you can’t tell if its done. After 20 mins in the oven, it will definitely be done. Over done maybe.

Frozen ones don’t even take 20 mins:



It’s a photography technique I was being metaphorical


How long is the journey home from school ?


bloody kids eh

@1101010 maybe there’s something else you can cook her which is quicker?


Hey Theo, does your little’un like Turkish Delight Tim Tams?


Are you eating this food? If not who fucking cares?. Just cover it in ketchup and tell her there’s no pudding if she doesn’t finish it.

Do you even parent?


“Pudding” - Dave, Leeds


Why don’t you just bung it on the barbie, mate?


No idea. She doesn’t get to eat much sweet stuff and is picky as fuck even with sweet stuff


I like Turkish Delight Tim Tams


Here @meowington

Sorry, I have zero idea what any of that meant and just assumed hyg was referring to the piece I was cooking.


I don’t like Penguin biscuits mate. Boring AF


A full chicken breast is much thicker than what you’ve got, so takes longer


Do you not know what a chicken breast or kiev is? I know you’re a veggie but come on.


Like with all solid bits of meat, the best skill to learn is how a cooked piece feels when you press it with a finger. It should resist in a springy way. If it seems “givey” then it’s underdone. If it won’t budge then it’s nuked.


Also theo, you get them from a butcher. Just ask the butcher


Yeah, but imagine one with Turkish Delight in the middle? Very delicious.

(Also, as previously discussed, the best way to eat a Penguin bar is to smash the shit out of it on a desk while it’s still in it’s wrapper and then pour the fragments into your mouth like a dry drink)




We had a play date come round on Monday. A five year old boy. My wife could not get him to come to the table. He said he doesn’t like fish fingers, beans or hash browns (we were playing it safe). She tried for ages. Then i came home and convinced him he might want some pasta. It took me about ten minutes to lure him to the table when it was ready. It was fucking impossible. Then his mum came and said that he loves fish fingers! What a fucking prick!