DiS meat eaters


And if you’re cooking pieces of chicken that small for more than ten minutes, whatever method you use, then you’re doing it wrong.


If you really need to cook it faster you can hammer it until it’s super thin. I’d still do what I said upthread though - fry and then finish in the oven. I think it’s the best option for time and not burning it.


Maybe use it in place of garlic sauce in a kiev.


You’re cooking a flattened chicken breast though. It’s made thin so it cooks quicker.

It’s like cooking a whole lump of tofu compared to a thin slice of tofu.


I wouldn’t do this.


A chicken kiev’s basicslly ground-down chicken brains and carcass breaded and injected with garlic.

You’d think it’d be horrible, but alas…


The flatness essential dials up the cooking speed


It’s got bumholes and eyelids in

so my dad says…


A kiev is like a scotch egg of chicken with sauce in.

I understand what a breast is but not really how different it is to this nor a kiev in terms of size as I’ve only ever seen those adverts for mini kievs on the TV in the 80s.

Mate I was brought up vegetarian and I hate the smell of cooking meats. It’s not something I take any interest in




you live in australia, mate


kids are arseholes. my wife hates me saying that but it’s the truth.


You’re NEVER seen a chicken kiev in a photograph or in real life for THIRTY YEARS?


do you not just go “ah fuck it who gives a shit? they’ll eat when they’re too hungry to stop being a baby” or do you have to try super hard?


They look like quorn kievs


Here’s what I do with my little one who is I think pretty much the same age as yours

When I pick her up I bring a banana or apple or a box of raisins or similar & water. She knows that she gets that once we’ve left pre-school so she usually has no problems saying goodbye to her friends/making me hang around waiting.

So she has her snack and as soon as we’re outside the gates - which also gives her a regular routine‘decompression’ moment - and drinks her water on the way home

It also means that by the time we get home she starts getting her appetite back a little

When we get in the door, first thing is she has a pee & then washes her hands. This is VERY important - the low level physical stress of a half full bladder on top of an emptying stomach is nuclear strength blow up

So then we usually have a good 30-40 minutes before chronic hunger hits during which time either she helps me cook or does a drawing which keeps her perfectly calm until dinner is ready


Or these badboys (quite nice):



Looks like hardened vomit


^has got it nailed.

(I have written some of this down as I think it’s top parenting.)


Fucking hell, mate. I’d sooner eat a plimsoll.