DiS meat eaters


Theo, is she absolutely wedded to this particular product? Because it sounds like a heck of a faff. Will she take chicken dippers or Bernard Matthews turkey dinos or something like that? They tend to take 15 mins bunged on a baking tray and into the oven at 180. I preheat the oven before picking him up from nursery, then as soon as we get home I bung in the food while I distract him with a quick feed and some water or juice, and a run about the garden. then if he’s shouting for food, I let him pop his head in the oven so he can see it cooking (actually this never ends well. I need to stop doing this bit.)


Quite tasty but agreed, not for the unsophisticated palate.



Chicken kiev

Chicken breast


Chicken escalope (basically what you’re frying up)



Cut the chicken up first before cooking. Will be quicker and more breadcrumb coating


Am I the only one who buys chicken kievs made from whole breast fillets then?

You’re all a bunch of plebs.


When I have chicken kievs I get…

  • Whole chicken breast fillet kiev
  • Non-tory option

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I also try to make them myself, but obviously I always end up with a breaded chicken breast swimming in a garlic butter sauce.


They all say they’re breast fillet…


No they don’t.


Clarification, the ones with eyelids in have the word “reconstituted” on the label.


or “formed”


or “warning contains eyelids” in really small print.


I used to manage a place that made ‘premium’ chicken kievs, amongst other things. Mark my words, you’re eating carcass and anus like all of us.


I will not mark your words. I am quite capable of recognising a chicken breast that hasn’t been minced up and reformed.


Fuck me I knew I was in a bad mood today, but no way could I have imagined that this was the ditch I was going to choose to die in.


Yeah maybe.

It sounds like your kid does things you ask them to.

Ours just puts her hands over her ears and screams loudly if you suggest anything as crazy as going to the toilet before she’s busting or maybe eating any food that isn’t beige.


Theo, are you chopping it up before you fry it? Ten mins in the pan on a medium heat should do it. So long as they are white and hot through then you’re golden (just like the bread crumbs).


No I chop it after


Yeah that’s where it’s all falling down. If frying chicken always cut it up first. I know it’s a bit strange to do it when it’s breaded but if you don’t want to oven it then that’s the way.


Yes I am sure I have seen a kiev.

This is like if someone who didn’t know about guitars posted a pic of a fender start and then I made a comment about glue on necks and semi-acoustic bodies: said person would have seen these many times but have no idea what I meant.