DiS meat eaters


Yeah I think this is how my mum used to do it, I’m going to interrogate her when I next see her about how she implemented eating habits.

We were very rules-oriented in our house and we were a bit afraid of her but I think she was fairly careful introducing new food. We all liked the main meats so if something was new it would be a different vegetable or a new sauce, so we’d have like roast potatoes, three vegetables and pork in cider sauce. If we didn’t like the cider sauce we could scrape it off or leave it and she might not try it again (or next time it would be dry for me if everyone else liked it), or if it was that bad we could just eat all the rest. If you know there are no alternatives then you’re going to at least try it. I wasn’t going to suddenly pretend I don’t like roast potatoes.

We weren’t forced to eat stuff we didn’t like though, so she must have been able to gauge what we found genuinely nasty (to this day, don’t try and feed me mushrooms), and what we were not fussed about. I got a bit bored of jacket potatoes and ham but when that’s all that’s on offer you eat it. I think it was only when I was a teenager that I started to kick off a bit, probably because my brother had left home and my dad worked nights so my mum chucked jacket potatoes at me about four days of the week (‘do it yourself’ was never an option, I might have tried it but my mum wouldn’t let me loose in her kitchen).

I don’t remember any disagreements or attempts to act up so all of this must have been drilled in to us before the age that I can remember anything (about four or five).


My wee one is always trying to get edamame peas (the spicy hard ones you get in a pot from spenos) off me, presumably because they look like M&Ms. I should just let him have one to end the fascination once and for all.


On the other hand, when you see items about kids that only eat turkey dinosaurs and chips you don’t really think that’s genuinely the only food they like, do you?


I can still remember the look on my toddler cousin’s face when I eventually allowed her to have one of my tempting looking chocolate covered espresso beans…


Is this approach too controversial to try with alcohol? I think I was allowed to try wine when I asked when I was a kid because it was so fucking disgusting it would be years before I tried again.


Bloody love Penguins

Reliably enjoyable treat


Not really what I’m daying


I’m going to share a top parenting tip with you all

You know how its annoying when older kids (or even adults) declare they don’t like “spicy” food and refuse to have anything to do with it,

When my kids were all I would always pop a very small amount of chili flakes in the “generic red pasta sauce” I would make on the regular (and still do). I would never say there was any chili in it. Over time I increase the chill content by a very small amount - result teenagers who are more than happy to eat spicy food

you’re welcome


This reads like a shit/good passage from catcher in the rye :smiley:


I have never read it I’m afraid


It’s about a boy that only eats beans


it’s like your post, except with the word phony used every other sentance


I was just saying kids are individuals and very clever and parents are very tired


out of interest, do you speak English or Swedish to your daughter, or is it not important (due to your choice as parent or the excellent language education in Sweden)?.

I ask as I was raised in a ‘bilingual’ household, but my dad worked nights a lot of the time and as such, didn’t spend a lot of time with him as a kid, so my main source of Spanish came from my grandparents, which definitely set back my language development a bit.


Hey Theo, has she got a scooter? Always helped with school runs.

If you do the cooking make her be vegetarian like you, what’s the point in having kids if you can’t enforce your opinions on them huh?
Or just cook quorn…would she eat that?

Tbh my kids often have peanut butter on toast for tea, they’re still alive and growing so I wouldn’t worry about that. Lot of people who do the that’s for tea, have it or starve don’t know what it is like to have a child who has proper food anxiety.
What I do recommend, and I know it’s not easy, is eating together so dinner is more than eating…it’s about conversation, sharing etc. And always have bread on the table in some form…


She has a scooter. She will normally go one street before giving up and being ‘tired’ and walking a bit or waiting for you to pull her.


Speak both with her - we kodväxla all the time and she understands both equally

Of course, she uses the different languages in different environments & contexts but to be quite honest her environment is extremely multi-lingual. Just at her daycare there are 23 different ’home’ languages spoken among her friends alongside Swedish with around 70% of the kids there being bilingual plus they all learn sign language as well.

Add to that the fact that my TV is an Estonian Swede she even has a 3rd language which she uses mainly with her grandparents

But in general Sweden - or Stockholm, Malmö & Gothenburg at least - has a generation of young kids growing up multilingual due to various waves of immigration & European integration

It’s pretty great


had to google kodväxla.



I mean I also don’t think kids’ palates are like adult’s palates really. Your senses change a lot as you get older. Even if you offered kids beer and wine most wouldn’t want it (especially stripped of social cachet) and I think most of us had to force ourselves to like it in the first place.

I wonder if children not wanting to eat a lot of different types of taste could well be evolutionary too, an attempt to stop them from eating stuff that could make them sick by erring on the side of caution. Certainly the pickiness seems to start coming once they can move around a lot more and begin getting to lots of things they can stick in their mouths.

Regardless, the key thing here is I was a fussy eating kid even within my limited field of vegetarian and now I eat loads of different stuff and I’m not malnourished or anything. (We give her supplement vitamins in any case.)


Just put a spag bol pie in the oven before you go out to pick her up