DiS Meat Edinburgh Edition: Saturday August 25th 18:00 @ Six Degrees North

Hey all,

I’ll be in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival from August 19th till the 26th. There will be a DiS Meat on:

Saturday August 25th @ 18:00
Six Degrees North
24 Howe St, Edinburgh EH3 6TG, UK

Anyone who can’t make that date and fancies meeting up in thew week, let me know!

  • Sunday August 19th
  • Monday August 20th
  • Tuesday August 21st
  • Wednesday August 22nd
  • Thursday August 23rd
  • Friday August 24th
  • Saturday August 25th
  • I can’t / won’t attend, but have a compulsive need to participate in all polls

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yesss! did you get any performing slots in the end?

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Monday or Saturday for me, but could negotiate other days potentially.

Monday is normally two for one tickets.

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You seem like a good lad and hopefully depending on what date you all opt for I can make it through but am off on holiday on the Friday 24th.
An Edinburgh meat would be fun


Any of these dates for me.

This thread needs @Witches for the FULL EXCITEMENT to build.


I’m out at the mo but the moment I get back to my computer and can check dates I will be all over this.

Got one tentatively confirmed so far on the 21st.

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I’ve just said yes to all of them at the mo!

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Got a bit excited when I saw all the people in the most popular option then realised what it was :frowning:

Can potentially make the other dates I’ve noted voted for but reckon the ones i voted for would be easiest.

Will be seeing Mogwai on the 22nd in Edinburgh so could potentially pop in if the meet was that eve.

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Thanks @Witches for alerting me to this through the Glasgow thread.

At the moment I will be in Edinburgh from Wednesday 22nd to the end of the Fringe. Totally up for daytime shows in particular cos I suspect the TV will still be at work (haha)


So Friday / Saturday are looking like the winners so far. Just bumping this in case circumstances have changed or other Scottish DiSers decide they can come. Then we can choose a date and make these dreams a reality.


Going to Ed on Sat 18th for a kids fringe thing at the botanic garden. Doing other stuff other days so will likely narrowly miss this. :crying_cat_face:


Friday 24th & Saturday 25th are the clear winners at the moment.

One last poll to decide all polls.

Closes Friday 17:00.

Winner is the day chosen by most DiSers.

  • Friday 24th August
  • Saturday 25th August
  • I just couldn’t resist fucking voting, could I.

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18:30 (turn up late if you want, I’ll be there on my Jones if need be).

Help me out with this one, I really don’t know your beautiful city well.

People who can’t meet up then, but are about at some point that week, slide into my DMs and let’s meet on one of the other days if that’s something that interests you.

Life is getting quite exciting.

@Unlucky @witches @casinobay @cutthelights @keith @guntrip @JaguarPirate @Lo-Pan &etc

hmm location is a tricky one during the festival, we probably won’t be able to book a table anywhere or anything. could go with the Edinburgh DiSer favourite of Salt Horse? small wanky craft beer place, near enough to cowgate where a lot of the festival action is, but far enough away from venues that it might be all right?

gonna be at your show on the 22nd btw

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damn you sons of bitches, i’ll be in Italy. But i’ll be thinking of you all as I drain one of many delicious glasses of barolo


Oh nice! It’ll be in the daytime, so probably shit, but double meats are always good.

Salt Horse sounds good to me based on your description.

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Let me know if you want to meet up earlier on the week, but I’ll understand if not xx

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Ushers is also a good crafty place with more room than SH. But also more central to festival stuff so good chance of being mobbed