DiS Meat: Monday 22nd May @ Kings Cross, London



After some negotiations with @thewarn, we decided to open the net on this one.

I’ll be in London on Monday 22nd May, as will theWarn.

If you’d like to join us, that’d be great. I’ll be jetlagged as a motherfucker, but worse things have happened. I know it’s a Monday and short notice but what are you gonna do?

We were thinking Kings Cross and I have been tasked with deciding where, so…

  • Camino
  • The Fellow
  • elsewhere (please specify)

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Scottish Stores is probably the best pub in Kings X btw.


I would like to meet you and @thewarn, where do I enter the ballot?


Looks like a winner!

The Scottish Stores it is.


Go on then


I entered you and you won



I’m on holiday.



Well jelly! Have fun guys.


that is of course until one of the beer geeks chimes in.


Nah, too much indecision and it all gets confusing.

It’s The Scottish Stores, and if anyone has a problem with that, please direct your ire toward @profk but please know that it will change nothing.


Just waiting for my email confirmation.


Make it at the xiu xiu gig and I may nod from a distance


I would like to join you.


By an amazing coincidence I’m in London on Monday 22nd May too. See you at The Fellow.


I am going to see Limmy that evening, if the timings work I could potentially pop up and say hello before the event.


I know you don’t drink so I’ll happily get you a few tap waters in.


Very generous, thanks, friend.


I’ll make sure it’s in a nice warm glass straight from the dishwasher. Don’t want you getting any germs!


Ideal! Nothing says “Hello summer!” like room temperature tap water in a piping hot glass!


No ice!