DiS meet at Thorpe Park in September (planning) 🎢🎡🎠

I haven’t been to a theme park in over a decade (longer in the UK) and quite like the idea of going again but done really have anyone to go with (or any decent places in my region).

So thought it would be worth gauging interest in a DiS theme park meet later this year.

Having had a look, Thorpe Park (London) would make most sense as the other main ones are tricky to get to with public transport.

Perhaps mid-September when kids are back to school but the weather isn’t too bad?

So some no-commitment polls

  • I would definitely be interested in a Thorpe Park meet
  • I might be interested in a Thorpe Park meet
  • I have a compulsion to vote in polls
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  • I would consider a weekday (quieter)
  • I would only go on a weekend
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So I put would first because I haven’t been to a theme park in ages (and I should say that rollercoasters do become properly invigorating again when you havent been on them in a while), but changed it to might just cause of logistics and that. But yeah, super up for this in theory! :smiley:

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I am well well well up for this but logistically could only do a weekend (saturday preferred)

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I would not be interested in a weekend - very interested in a weekday [term time]


Does anyone have any idea of how busy it is on a weekend in term time?

Cw: weight chat

probably need to lose a fair bit of weight first but with three months and motivation it should be possible

Yeah, I think I’d probably struggle with a weekend too.

The weekend just isn’t good bang for buck - the queues for the popular rides will usually be 30-60mins during the peak times [unless it rains[. Weekday’s from experience its more like 5 - 20mins but quite often u can waltz right on in


Love rollercoasters - hate queuing

Not been to TP since the kids were much younger - would deff consider a weekday trip


I’m very much interested but I’m going away during the week when the kids go back to school for the very same reason that it will be quieter. I’m away from the 10th to 14th September.

The two weeks after that others are off work so I’m not sure I’ll be allowed any more leave then. But I could see nearer the time

Don’t quite understand how it has the Fridays as quieter so may be a load of nonsense? :thinking:

People travelling to other places perhaps?

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Its based on current ticket sales i thinkprobably that combined with some sort of projection algorithm

I would be up for this, I have in the past got an accessibility wristband based on my diagnosis of anxiety which gives you and 3 others access to the fast pass/accessibility queues and while they technically can make u wait 45min before using the next ride if the main queue is 45min, most cba and you get to go frequently especially if more than one person has it if that makes sense. So one person would ride on someones pass then the next ride is on someone elses pass, so the queue situation is fine although this doesn’t account for general crowding, but has worked very well the few times I went over the past few years


I would really like to do this. But it might not be really viable for me (trains + hotel + park ticket + food costs + peak wedding prep period), I will keep an eye on this thread and come if I can manage it.


Oooh, I’ll have a look at that. Not sure if I could get one on the basis of autism diagnosis but return giving it a try if it’s free :+1:

Ditch the wedding, bring the TV and get married on a coaster. I assume that’s legal.


I did say to her this morning that I wish I could live in a perpetual state of wedding planning because I’m actually really enjoying having a concrete purpose and the excitement, so maybe we’ll postpone it to achieve that.


Turns out if I set off at 6am I can get to thorpe park by 10:30, by means of 3 trains and a bus.

I would likely not arrive in my most carefree and fun disposition but I’d be there


Idk how easily I could do this but in theory I would adore it