Dis meet in london sometime before the end of march


Body seems unclear. Is it a complete sentence?


I can only do exactly the end of March unfortunately


Midnight on 31st?


how about Birmingham


Could be interested


10th March: DiS hikes the surrey hills


Sounds good, but i can only do Monday, wednesday or friday evenings.


could skateboard around the bullring


My TV has been hanging out with your TV tonight. Should we be afraid?


Ooo. And ccb. !


Prob gone to a ska punk gig


When is @Scout in London? Is that in March?


Cant really think this far ahead. Someone just text me where /when.


A touch busy wih business-related business at the moment or i’d be there like a shot.


march 30-April 15 but can’t meet that first day as we only just arrive so Jnr will want to settle in