DIS Memes!

Heylo. So, inspired by a joke I didn’t get in another thread, how about we compile all of the known DIS memays.

I can see there is another thread about this but it’s not been updated in ages, and I want this to be more like a compendium for reference… (hope you don’t mind @ma0sm)

Both visual and textual memes encouraged, as well as abbreviations etc. Stuff that newbies wouldn’t get.

Fly, my pretties, fly.

“the epimers” for diarrhea is because I have lots of anecdotes about having diarrhea



For settling beefs with violence. After I offered to fight everyone in the football thread while drunk


I really struggled on aqos when the question was a popular dis injoke. I think I went for mayonnaise/lettuce goalkeeper which I don’t think has the universal appeal for lots of points


“Have you tried the Post Office? Everyday Banking | Personal & Business Accounts | Post Office®” because DanielKelly once wanted to cash a cheque but there wasn’t a Santander branch near him.

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“tv” is short for “thinly veiled” which means your romantic partner which came from when people would post something that implied they had a partner and other people wouldn’t believe that they could have a romantic partner so they would say “thinly veiled I have a girlfriend” in response.


this is the worst one btw


Sadly discovered that the DiSisms wiki that was started in about 2005 has long been shuttered :frowning:


SOAWJA - Slices of Apple with Jam On.

@Reckoning’s new neighbour brought him a gift of Slices of Apple with Jam On to introduce herself.



De-wigged in the foamatorium.

Mars volta, afc Bournemouth and failed West ham marketing stunt crossover posting.


The wiki on this used to be here but someone requested it be removed which I can understand.

“Nuts readers with record collections” was coined by me in frustration at the shitty misogynist treatment being doled out to me and others at the time.

It was also meant to be a sharp jab because I knew a lot of those men prided themselves on not being a typical lad because they owned a National album or something.


See I’m pretty sure this is where I got my knowledge from, and this would only be a year or so ago - so not been dead that long.

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CWBAFT - chance would be a fine thing.

Usually used in reference to romantic endeavours.

Can anyone remember how the “enjoy seeing Pendulum at Reading” started?

No memes older than ten years old please

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Yes! :smiley:

Gibbo and the Whatsapp lads

The massive lasagne

Democracy Manifest!


Aww thing is I kinda feel sorry for the fella. Also can well imagine if it were a girl they’d have let her in nae bother