DiS Minecraft Server 2.0

Hey there.

It’s been over 18 months since we last did this and a few people were up for it over the last few days, so I’ve created a new world on Minecraft Realms that any Disser who wants can bum around on.

Did this at about 1am last night, so haven’t investigated beyond building a tiny little ugly shack at spawn to hide in, but it’s available for anyone to log onto 24/7 - if someone does early on and it’s a bad seed then let me know and I’ll generate a new map when I get home later.

If you were a member of old DiSCraftia, then the old realm link should take you there. If you weren’t then DM me for a link; all dissers welcome :+1:

Requirements to join are a copy of Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire or Gear VR Minecraft and (if on XBox or Switch) a Nintendo online or XBox Live pass. PS4 players still can’t join unfortunately and the Java edition of Minecraft on PC is it’s own thing sadly.

Old thread for reference is here -> The official DiS Minecraft Server DiScussion Page

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Can you dm me I’ll jump on tomorrow I reckom

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Will be getting Minecraft on Switch at some point. Have a feeling handheld on that will feel pretty perfect. Will join in if still active by then.

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Ah, had been watching the old thread to see when this went up but missed this! :smiley:

Should be on at some point over the weekend

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I won’t be able to crash this party till next week I don’t think. Pleased to see it’s happening though!

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Cheers for setting this up! Will try and jump on over the next few days

Time to lay the foundations of my base!]

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We had a switch discord didn’t we? Worth reviving for this? Always struggle with the in game chat

Might be good for all the other gaming threads where people are looking for games… Mario kart, rocket league, etc


I found a Gold Helmet in the woods!

What are home bases co-ordinates?

I think expanding that to an overall DiS gaming discord (DiScord?) would be a great idea


On the screenshot above; 225, 64, 6

Built a communal storage area and fashioning a cosey camping area


Caved already. Minecraft: currently downloading. How do I join @anon76851889?

Any ground rules? If I come across a field with nothing in it, is it ok to do what I usually end up doing and build a giant person or something?

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Sent you the link - it has instructions.

Basically do what you like while respecting other people’s shit :+1:

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Ace, thanks! I’ll explore it a bit later.


Had a little mine, made a bolt hole to get me started. And met a friend.


Cant wait to jump in one day and see one of your MASSIVE monuments

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