DiS Minecraft Server 2.0

Could never get the controls and etc on minecraft but I am going to enjoy seeing your updates in here :slight_smile:

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:+1: there will be one at some point. I went exploring at night without any weapons or food. Shot by a skeleton. What a plonker. Went to find my stuff… And got lost. Need to remind myself how to make a new map. Forgot how much fun Minecraft is.

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It seems my username is my old Xbox live name (JurassicMark4). Will see if I can change it.

Day 3


Duck flies over the void

There’s a pigman in my house!

@Bamnan surveys his house


Think I’m going to relocate my house into the mushroom-dwelling benevolent stone being I made yesterday to be more in the thick of things!

I nearly got lost down in the mines.


A lot of good shit in that canyon though but tis mighty dangerous

Indeed. Scarpered once I found some diamonds… but I enjoy the danger, so will armour up and get back down there again soon.

Found 3 spawners not too far away, so in the middle of converting one into an XP farm which’ll be handy for enchanting.

Inside my cliff base you’ll find an enchanting room fully kitted out for Level 30 enchants and a nether portal if anyone wants to make use of either.


Is there a general discord thread? + what’s discord and where do I go to access discord?

Big fan of our humane farm

:grimacing: eep

Have moved house. My former plan of a hillside residence will now be an art gallery for all Discraftians.



Voice chat and forum software for gamers

Ducky set one up ages ago that kinda got mothballed. No idea if it still exists tbh.

Well, if you will keep feeding them!

I have resolved the animal welfare issues today (amongst other things). Although the cows don’t have a roof on their shelter yet.


Met this dodgy guy yesterday. Wasn’t sure what he was trying to sell me.

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The timing of this has unfortunately clashed with me being a bit busy and also getting hopelessy into Magic but I promise I’ll be on at some point soon!

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I’m in, if I can remember how to play I’ll have a nose about and then go off and did a big hole

Built myself a little outpost/mine/home, the doors at (261, 69, 298). Gonna seclude myself until I can remember/learn how to play the game again. Plan to build a little communal chest with food and weapons so people can use it as an outpost if they want to go out hunting and a path back to the main town.