DiS Mixtape Secret Santa Club Swapshop

Last year we had a great Secret Santa style mixtape club where DiSer’s were paired up anonymously and sent each other mixtapes of their favourite music from the year. Normally it’s CDs (fun to do the packaging), but in appreciation of the fact that not everyone has CD burners, mixed mp3s etc were also allowed (I believe).

Who’s up for it this year and what format should it be?

I’m up for this. CD for CD is nicer, innit?


Definitely my preference!

Might need to have a “one track per artist” rule to stop Big Thief fans getting carried away (you’re not allowed to just burn both albums back to back…)


i enjoy making these but feel very bad that i never got around to giving feedback for the one i received last year

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It’s never too late!

true, i will eventually! i keep finding one of yours from towards the end of the old regular swaps that i don’t think i ever fed back on either. gah. working full time ruined Mixtape Club for me a bit.

i’m up for a Christmas one though.

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Yeeeah I’ll do this.

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I’m up for this.

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Yes for me too!

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Yeah, up for this

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I’d like to do this - CD for me please!

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Ahhhh, MixTape Squad Assemble!

Thanks for taking this on @funkycow .

My listening habits have changed this year. I was overseas for the first half of the year so finally bit the bullet and went onto steaming, and whilst I’ve picked up the record buying again in the second half of the year I have purchased far less that i’d normally do, so have hesitated about signing up. But I had a think about a mix over the weekend and reckon I’d be pretty happy with what I could do . So sign me up!

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I’m in.

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I’m up for it

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Count me in please

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12 takers so far, and all Mixtape regulars. It would be good to get physical copies in the post in advance of Christmas so that people have time to listen and feed back before the year is out (otherwise the excitement of the new tends to overshadow looking back). Suggested rules are:

  1. Hard copy only please, preferably CD
  2. Artwork would be nice (though is not essential)
  3. Please PM me your addresses and I will assign you an anonymous Christmas name (e.g. Rudolph) - these names will be the recipients when I randomly pair you up.
  4. If anyone has any strong objections to the above, please let me know and we can amend as appropriate!

We’ll keep the thread open to contributors up to a few days before the 2nd class posting deadline (which is the 18th), so anyone who wants to sign up needs to do so (and commit to sending out a mix by the 18th) by Friday 13th December. That gives latecomers the weekend to stitch it together for posting on the Monday.

Anyone wishing to post to mixcloud (etc) should hold back until there’s some feedback on this thread. If there’s no feedback by the end of December, feel free to put it out there!


Will pm you now, thanks!

Any option for sending out/receiving two CDs, or is that too complicated/too much hard work for people?

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If it’s not too late, I’d like to join in…

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