DiS Music Board Charity Thanks 2021

I’ve been thinking about the fact that I pay Spotify whatever that is a month and that is basically it for my musical outlay, as I buy no physical music and have seen no gigs in forever. Thanks largely to this forum, my life has been enriched by music far beyond what I give back to Spotify’s profits, and I’m lucky enough to have a little left over to give back, so I’d like to make small donations to charities to be nominated by the people I’ve tagged below.

I’m making it public because I hope there will be some others amongst the regulars or lurkers who are privileged enough to be in the same boat of being able to give something back for the benefits we all share from the community. There’s absolutely no pressure on anyone to do this but for those of you fortunate enough to be in a position to do so, please consider making any size of donations that would be possible.

If you’re tagged here (or subsequently by anyone who wants to add anyone I have missed), please nominate a charity that means something to you personally or that you feel should benefit should anyone want to thank you for your contributions here. If you prefer not to nominate a charity for any reason that’s cool, perhaps you could defer the nomination to someone else or contribute to someone else’s nomination.

@BMS1 for the album of the month polls
@Funkhouser for HGATR
@JohnM for HGIIR
@Prob500 for the album of the year poll
@Brainfreeze for Music League (and the alphabet of music polls last year)
@Mert_Aksac for the DiS Song Contest
@TVDenimChap @dantrobus for the weekly new release polls
@NeilYoung @UncleRetrospective @SunnyB for their listening clubs

Please add anyone I’ve missed who you would like to thank for anything they’ve contributed.

Please don’t share any specific amounts donated. We’ve all had massively different impacts from the covid pandemic before you even consider any income disparities beforehand so nobody should feel there is an expected or standard donation. If you are not in a position to do so, that’s your business. If you can spare a few pounds, that’s great, and it’s your business. If you can share a lot, that’s amazing, but it’s only your business.


Aw lovely idea, thanks OB.

I always say https://www.johnnyshappyplace.com/, great wee local charity who do a lot for mental health. :blush:


This is really lovely. These amazing people buy Christmas presents for children who are in mental health wards in hospitals…


Thanks @Octobadger!

I’d like to nominate Mermaids because of all the transphobic crap that’s going on at the moment https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/

Small JAG but I’m also selling EPs for Marie Curie and t-shirts for the Bail for Immigration Detainees

And also the Hardship Fund:

Sorry for taking the piss with 4 suggestions - to counter it would like to nominate @midnightpunk for their many thoughtful and interesting contributions to the HGATR threads and for dominating (in a good way) the Dark Souls thread


This is an excellent idea for a thread - I’ll probably come back in December at scatter some donations around like I’m in a rap video.


One more I meant to thank was @bruised_blood for making the collaborative weekly playlists, that’s been a great addition to the release threads! Please suggest a charity as above (sorry you weren’t on my original list, you were when it was in my head!)

This is a really kind gesture.

Huntingdons disease affects people in such a rapid way. I’ve met many people with Huntingdons through my job and believe they need and deserve further research into the condition and help in their day to day lives.

Thanks @Octobadger for your thoughtfulness.


One of my best friends is a Huntingdons carrier, so I really appreciate this pick. Thanks Brainfreeze, and great idea Octobadger.

One suggestion - once the charities are picked it might be good to make an anonymised poll so people can register who they’ve donated to. Not to make it competitive at all, but (especially if we end up with q a few) to help get a good spread across the charities. If everyone starts clustering around a couple it might help subsequent donations even things up a bit?

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What a lovely idea. I’d like to second the nomination for Mermaids, a charity I donate to each month who are doing such vital work to support transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children, young people, and their families.


Would me my nomination. Great idea @Octobadger


Very thoughtful of you! The hardship fund was the first one that sprung to mind for me. I would also not like it to go unnoticed the remarkable finds I’ve heard from your weekly lists in the new releases threads. Amazing work.

So to reciprocate the favor, send me a charity of your choice and I’ll donate as well.

Keep up the good work friend. :+1:


Thanks Neil - Donate to Children's Hospices Across Scotland | CHAS is a charity I’ve had dealt with a little via my work and they do fantastic work for families living out any parents’ worst nightmares; anything that anyone cares to donate there is money well spent.

@DiSRainyDayFund I’d appreciate if someone could send me the details to donate via bank transfer to the hardship fund as I couldn’t find them on the forum - I’ve messaged wewerewerewolvesonce as per the thread for the fund but looks like they haven’t posted for a couple of weeks if anyone else has the donation details.

If you’ve given a link in this thread I’ve made a small donation. Collating them for ease of access should anyone else be inclined whenever possible.

@BMS1 https://www.crisis.org.uk/
@Funkhouser https://www.christmasforcamhs.org.uk/
@Brainfreeze Donate | Huntington's Disease Association
@Mert_Aksac https://www.johnnyshappyplace.com/
@TVDenimChap https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/
@dantrobus Donate - Mermaids
@NeilYoung Dis rainy day fund - Drowned in Sound | Community
@Octobadger Donate to Children's Hospices Across Scotland | CHAS

@JohnM @UncleRetrospective @SunnyB @Prob500 let me know if there’s any charity you’d like to add.

Hadn’t even really thought about all the new release recommendations.

Off the top of my head @FKA_Adam_Jeffson @Gert @rustypiss @paulo13 @paulo give me a good cause and I’ll drop them something and add them to this list.


I’m happy with all of those - the HD charity and CAMHS particularly as they are organisations I work with not infrequently.

Love this and love ye all. I hope its ok that I’m a little selfish in my charity donations instead of providing to your just causes; I sincerely apologise to you all for that. I’ve donated to the below tonight and i’ve donated extra for each on Octo’s behalf as you’re doing enough already chief.

For friends lost…
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Epilepsy Scotland

For current struggling friends…
Cancer Research UK

I’m going to get so much post from them all, whats your forwarding address Octo? =p

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Thanks on! I’ll suggest this one please:

My brother and his wife lost their first son due to complications at birth four years ago, and this charity helped them a lot afterwards.

Thanks @Octobadger really nice idea. Sorry for the delay, missed this thread when it was originally posted. I’d like to nominate:


My mum passed away a few years ago and they were fantastic providing her end of life care.

(Oh. and end of year poll thread going live some time next week).

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Hello hello,

Historic poster (this username is a nod to the old one), Music Board lurker.

The weekly album threads have been an absolute goldmine all year - thank you to all who post in them . It makes my listening a lot more diverse than it ever would have been normally. Two of this year’s favourites being the Habibi Funk collections (vol. 2 in particular) and the Cameroon Garage Funk compilation. Absolutely mind-blowing and world expanding. The most I can offer in return is a round up of Australian local indie, some surprisingly good (I type this from a Very Hot Adelaide).

Special shout out to @Octobadger and @paulo13 for their stellar efforts. I have made a donation to your charities of choice, with great thanks for your weekly round ups. @rich-t should also get a shout out here as our tastes are very much aligned and I make a point of seeking out what you recommend too.

Keep up the great work in 2022.

Ps not buying a music related NFT.


Thank you sincerely for giving something to those charities, and thanks for your kind words as well!

I think these forums are genuinely the best resource I can see anywhere for a music geek with a compulsion to hear new things and share those experiences with like-minded individuals, and it’s good to know that as well as all the regulars in the weekly release threads that there are even more people who might be lurking and listening to the music that everyone shares, especially when it’s often stuff that we would wish greater success for.

Do we have an Australian music thread? I reckon there would be a good appetite for insider tips on up and coming Australian acts!

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Ah man, that’s very kind. Very flattered. I mainly get my recommendations from goldflakepaint, Secret Meetings, for the rabbits and smallalbums on twitter/Spotify

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