🎧 DiS Musical Primers

Not sure if there’ll be enough interest but thought it might be a fun thing to do.

Choose an artist (or genre) that you love, as obscure or well known as you want, DM me or post it in here to check they haven’t been taken by somebody else.

Then DM me something like the following:

  • Short (or long) bit of writing introducing their discography / why you like them so much / what their music means to you
  • Favourite track
  • Favourite album
  • Playlist of up to 10 tracks

I’ll post them every couple of weeks or so if there’s any uptake.

  • in
  • not in
  • maybe…

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Would this potentially work better as a spoken word thing rather than written, (not that I mind writing). I think a podcast format might be a better fit and likely to get more involvement and listeners.

Only suggesting this as I’ve thought something similar recently. Like a theme, genre, artist etc, people send in spoken word clips and someone edit it together, etc.

I’m not gonna start a podcast :smiley:
people can send audio clips if they want I suppose


Sounds a lot like the one week one band Tumblr which has some great writing on it if people want to take a look for what makes this type of writing good.

Thinking of doing Lou Reed in the 70s but I don’t actually know too much about the historiography of that era

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This sounds good. Will say I’m up for it but my productivity is terrible at the minute. I shamefully never got round to doing my playlist for the last playlist swap thread for some reason (might do that tonight actually, better late than never)

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only read a couple of these but I liked them, didn’t realise how many there were

also like the primers in wire mag

I’ll do Joni Mitchell if that’s ok. I love her to bits and she’s someone that lots of people on here seem not to know very well.

I’m not on Spotify so my playlist will just be a list of songs (maybe someone could turn it into a Spotify list if that’s what you had in mind).


if these threads go ahead then what emoji should they have? (don’t want to clash with HGATR)

  • :headphones:
  • :globe_with_meridians:
  • :notes:
  • other (please suggest)
  • get a grip

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can I do Koz?


you sure can

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I’d love to do this for the Pumpkins obviously, if ttf hasn’t claimed them already. Counting Crows too since I don’t think anyone else will claim them and they’re amazing and misunderstood.

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go for it, can always have more than 1 person talking about an artist

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would love to see something from @jack_on_fire on Deerhunter / Bradford Cox if they’re up for it
and @theShipment on e.g. 90s R&B


I’d be up for that but I’m moving flat soon so maybe in a month or two?

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I’ll do something for this. Lemme think on it a bit. i have 2k posts to read in the hgatr thread lol


something 90s r&b or maybe 2003-2004 rap radio hits cos it was a fun time. or idk maybe like maxwell or one of my other favorite artists that basically never get brought up on dis.


im here for any and all counting crows talk.


been in a bit of a Smog/Bill Callahan mood lately so might do one for him maybe - the Dream Setlist thread suggested a couple of people are interested in him but didn’t really know where to start.

might be a challenge to narrow his career down to 10 tracks though

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Ah yes, a belated thanks for your reply and recommendation on the dream set list thread that I didn’t reply to you on. Really really enjoyed Knock Knock - actually more eclectic than I was expecting but a lovely listen throughout. I however say that it’s an album that would rank highly on the ‘great album, terrible artwork’ stakes but I won’t hold that against him.

Looking at his discography he’s pretty prolific isn’t he!?

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