🎧 DiS Musical Primers

I think a warning of which albums to avoid is as useful as the opposite

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Okay well… where do I begin XD

Not sure how far you have got, but I found the most useful thing to do was to start with the playlist and then build the text around it, putting the songs in context and explaining why you have chosen them and how they fit into the broader story. The same thing might not work for every subject of course.

I wish you well because The Residents are one of those bands I know nothing about and have always been curious about. The size of the discography is a powerful disincentive for the casually curious.

In terms of the playlist, if you doing more than one have you thought have doing them in the ‘Essentials’ and ‘Next Steps’ format that Apple uses? The first being the absolute best stuff that you would use to draw people in and the second for those who you have won over with the first?

I’ve already done it all :slight_smile:

I’m gonna make 2nd playlist and put it in the eventual thread.

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The Tyrant one with the arms on?

I googled. I don’t think so.

This is going to sound ridiculous but the one in my head is a cartoon drawing of a guy sticking his head through his legs and up his own arsehole but I have no idea why that’s in my brain because clearly it has no connection to this! :smiley:

Ah, the This is Disastercore artwork

Oh right, maybe it’s that one! Cheers.

Yeah, agreed. The way they constantly reinterpret their back catalogue live is one of the really special things about them. This song in particular has gets so many iterations, they really keep it fresh - I’ve heard it segue into Ghost Town before now (which they do on the World Drifts In DVD) and also into All Tomorrow’s Parties. This version is beautiful.

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Just posted furryfan’s, on my phone so I hope it came out ok


is it ok to request a list of the artists who have had submissions shrewbs? understand if you’d rather keep them a surprise ofc

The other ones that have been submitted so far were all mentioned in this thread, furry was the only one that dmed me

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Not sure if you meant the full list of ones that have been sent or just to check that you haven’t had the same idea as someone else, will dm you the former as I kind of like it being a bit secret :smiley:

Oooo just noticing this thread. I could write up my thesis on the genius of Frank Zappa or Primus. :thinking:

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Can I do one for the Replacements?


I’d really appreciate a Replacements one

Great stuff. I’ll get onto it :+1:

Hiya, we’re running low on submissions now so gonna give this a bump.

recap of the ones we’ve had so far (can also see them by clicking the primers tag) :

I’ll try and get something for you, I’ve got a few ideas. Might be pushing it for next Friday though

Apologies. I said I’d do a Sparks primer but life got in the way unfortunately. I’ve got too much on at the moment but I’m still up for doing it once things calm down.

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