DiS needs your support

For 19 years Drowned in Sound has championed the artists we love and created a space online for a community of music obsessives. However, we now need you help.

Despite 2.3 million visitors in 2018, the online advertising model that supports our free service of forums and recommendations can no longer reliably cover our running costs. I am now looking at some fairly major changes to refine what we do in order to continue.

If the site has ever turned you on to a record you love, given you a welcome distraction or been somewhere you’ve spent time, I would really appreciate a contribution to help keep the website online. The price of a pint from even 1% of our visitors would make a huge difference.

Facebook fundraiser is here: https://www.facebook.com/donate/576851106124364/578928605916614/ (this is now working - apologies if you tried the link earlier this week)

Or PayPal quick payment here: https://www.paypal.me/drownedinsound

Or Patreon here https://www.patreon.com/drownedinsound

Many thanks for your continued support.
Thank you,
Sean Adams
Founder, Drowned in Sound

p.s. as part of a trial of something new, if you’d like music recommendations from me via Facebook messenger, sign up for free here http://m.me/drownedinsounduk


I’ve made a donation. Good luck with raising funds.

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Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation thus far. Really appreciate it.

Supported :+1:

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