DiS NFL Fantasy: The Next Generation

An all-puprose fantasy thread for the new boards. Banter, trash talk, wails of misery at who you left on the bench, all welcome.

First off: Not sure who Dakdown is, but I appreciate you leaving Benjamin and his 15 points on the bench last night. Even though you’re still predicted to thrash me over the course of the weekend.

Somehow managed to not field a single Panther or Bronco across my five teams. Made for a very relaxed viewing of the game this morning.

Woah. I couldn’t deal with the pressures of two teams last year. Now it’s just the Dockers I have to worry about.

I only care about three of them, two are just for mucking about with against randoms. I have Div 1, keeper and a live league. Does make it difficult to know who you want to do well though, pretty much every half decent players affects me one way or another.

All going unusually smoothly this week :+1:

checks sky for asteroids

You should win our game in the live league, but a couple of times a season Roethlisberger has the sort of game I need him to have on Monday night

Yeah, I’ve seen him do some crazy shit. Hopefully he’ll contain himself to being just really good, that would be fine.

Would also help if Cooper and Forte could trade some of their (much appreciated) yards for a fucking touchdown

A goose egg for Gary Barnidge. #prayforsteved

Says a lot about the camaraderie built in training camp that the team have rallied around their fearless leader and, barring a 40 point Dak Prescott performance in which he doesn’t throw a single TD to Dez Bryant*, will pick up their first W.

*I’ve played Fantasy for long enough that I probably won’t go to bed until I’m sure this hasn’t happened.

Your mate Tom has comprehensively shat the bed in div 1, for which I am very grateful.

Who is Dakdown in Div 1?

I thought I’d shat the bed leaving Abdullah on the bench, but then I saw your bench… oof. You can still win it though with 40+ from Cousins. Stranger things have happened.

(outside of the DiS leagues) I lost by 9 points, thanks mostly I would assume to Gary Barnidge’s 0.00 point performance.

Meanwhile I had Dwayne Allen on the bench.

All well and good repeatedly crowing about who’s left on my bench after the fact isn’t it! I was thinking about the difference playing ‘best ball’ would make last week, OF COURSE this would happen first week. As it goes, wouldn’t have made much odds - if I’d picked Mike Wallace to play ahead of TY Hilton (…), I’d have an extra 9 points or so - I doubt Cousins will get me within that.

I mean, OBVIOUSLY, he will now I’ve said that, and I’ll lose by, I dunno 4 points. FANTASY.

Still, it’s not the worst thing to have options each week, better than having nothing. Just frustrating to have the nigh-on impossible task of picking the best combination of players each week.

Picking up Marshawn Lynch on Friday was… perplexing


To be fair, you do have a very deep roster, as you say, it’s the impossible task of fielding the right guys on the right day.

It’s tough to get back to it in the first week, but I got fairly good at being satisfied with the logic I’d used to select my roster, and then trying to accept it’s all up in the air once games actually get going - got to play Julio and Ingram, figured a throwfest for Detroit-Indy (so play Hilton), low scoring Houston - Chicago (so Langford would get lots of runs). Flex was the tough one - Benjamin (supposed to on low snap count, Denver secondary), Hill (goal line carries, but NYJ D-line), Diggs (“new” QB, but the go to guy), Wallace (always got big play potential, but probably only worth playing 4-5 times a season. Good luck guessing THAT. Figured he was a reasonable late draft pick up in case I got ruined by injuries though). Went for Hill - didn’t exactly backfire, but yeah, would have been nice to have one of the WRs instead.

Frustrating when it doesn’t work out, but it is really nice when something actually works out the way you reasoned, amid all the randomness that can be fantasy. Anyway, nice job, and enjoy picking 2 between Abdullah, Sharpe, Shepherd and Stewart next week :wink:

I had the exact same combination in my only non-DiS league. Still hold a 10 point lead there though with just Matt Jones to come for him.

In DiS, it’s the first leg my bi-annual double header with Newerwaves.

A nasty 29 point loss in Div 2 but a 20 point lead in keeper with Big Ben to come for me and D-Jax and Boswell for him.

In my non-DiS league I’m losing to @The_Excession by 36 points, despite the fact that I’ll end with the second highest points tally in the league. FFS stupid game