DiS NFL Fantasy: The Next Generation

I made another thread. Oops.

I did shite on paper but still won on Div 2. Managed to somehow select a def but then not field them. I blame the Web app. I also fielded an ir Rb but he wasn’t out when I put him on Friday afternoon. I need to get back into the Sunday line up check. Won by 2 points I think.

Was wiped out in the keeper unless my te is able to bag 20+ points.

So it’s Big Ben + rams D vs Reed + 36 points. It’s not impossible that you’ll win from there, although one of us is going to lose with a massive score.

Put a lot of fantasy faith in Luck, Brees, Cooks and Ware across my various teams this year. Results so far: :sunglasses:

Leave me the fuck out of this shitshow of a sport!!!

Shouldn’t be so damn fantastic then, should you?

I’m hoping that he just gives it to Williams all game and doesn’t throw a single pass (not gonna happen). Happy about having my first win in fantasy already.

Well thank goodness for that. If there’s something worse in fantasy than losing, it’s losing when you could have won.

Poor Keenan Allen. Gutted for him, gutted for Rivers, gutted for my other fantasy team, which has both. Also has RGIII, so I guess it’s some kind of harbinger of doom roster.

Matt Forte’s pretty much won me one of my fantasy match-ups already. almost dropped him because he had a limited practice on wednesday. Probs would’ve quit for the season if I had

I dropped Brandon Marshall which may come back to haunt me.

Still agonising other whether to start Luck or Mariota this weekend. Luck against the Broncos defence is clearly not going to be another 35-pointer for my team, but the Lions surprised me last weekend so they may not be the walkover I always write them of as…

In other news, I’m sticking with Barnidge this weekend now RG3 is gone. Don’t fail me now Gary!

Happy I benched Watkins in Div 1, he doesn’t look right. Do like to see the Ryans suffering too, unsufferable fuckheads that they are.

Good luck to my distant cousin DeMarcus currently playing for the Rocky Mountain’s Untrained Horse Team

Protip: if they’re over the age of 30 they will almost always have at least one LP/DNP veterans day per week. Not worth getting worked up about (unless it’s Tony Romo in which case light a candle for him).

Matt Forte might be my favourite player in fantasy history, think this is the third consecutive season I’ve had him and he’s about as reliable a player as there is. Up there with pre-injury Foster or pre-Colts Gore.

Mine would have to be pre-injury Jordy (when he used to be criminally under-rated, not the case now cos he gets his dues) and pre-injury Charles (a dream to watch, always dangerous, capable of a 40 point game at any moment). And Gronk, obviously. Injuries really ruin this game, huh.

Kicking myself that I didn’t notice the Broncos’ D was available on the waiver wire. Was happy with my D, and just didn’t think to look at it. Ah well, Marvin Jones was a nice pick up and there’s a chance that wouldn’t have happened if I’d got the Broncos (as I was 3rd in waiver order rather than near bottom)

I always faded away from Forte (too much investment when he was at Chicago), and he went agonisingly 2 or 3 picks before I was going to snap him up in my drafts this year. He will tail off at some point, but looks decent at the moment.

Keenan Allen was always my guy last 3 years - got him this year in a 1/2PPR, looking great, and then :frowning: poor guy. Wasn’t spectacular in 2014, but still decent enough

You Cool Story Breaux? I’m 3rd in the league, was amazed they fell as far as me.

No, I’m Dakdown, so I would have scooped him up, had a bit of a damp squib with my starters last week (as noted by my oppo, my bench was very good). I actually looked at your spot, see if I could console myself with the knowledge that it wouldn’t have made a difference…but no. Ah well.

Another brutal week in the NFL for injuries to running backs. Peterson, Martin, Rawls, Foster, Abdullah, Woodhead all went down. And the triumph that was my week 1 has turned into the shambles that is week 2. Such is fantasy football.

AND Jonathan Stewart.

I smashed it in my league. Travis Benjamin and the Cardinals defense saved my ass.

Can we talk about Aaron Rogers being a fantasy disappointment. I had 23 points sitting on my bench.