DiS Nightclub is open for business [plug.dj centric]

And this is why you’ve made a poor life choice

sways to sledgehammer


Doesn’t look great on mobile, can’t see how to login, chat or add songs to the playlist. Most importantly, can’t see the little boppin’ avatars.

Is it always the same link for the DiS room?

Yeah it is :slight_smile:

Why dont any of you guys own compoopers

I’m literally standing in an airport m7. At the in-laws soon and will fire up my laptop then :smiley:

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Shit! Just boshed a couple of mitsus just before I realised I needed to be using a computer.



Its happy hour, buy one get one free on all organic IPAs

No ones playing :frowning:

Japes got carried away and spilt drinks over the mixing desk :frowning:

I mean jamos