DiS on Police


aight so let’s take a poll here

  • fuck the police
  • be thankful for the police
  • depends

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It’s possible for a good person to be in the police, it’s not possible that ‘the police’ as an organisation are good.


i see! why not, friend?




nah, ACAB

(all cops are babies)



All cats are beautiful (put police person in the bin)


Have you heard of Sting?


Because they are fundamentally and institutionally broken as a result of the systematic destruction of the concept of “community” over the last 40 years.


Fine one on one. Two or more in a room are insufferable.


UK specific or worldwide?




I have had more negative experiences with the police than positive ones:

  • yes
  • no

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  • My inherent privilege means I’ve barely had experiences with the police full stop
  • Some other thing

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Hierarchical institutions are necessarily abusive too probs tbh


Nerds with power. Always a terrible thing.

Hopefully our own @ericthefourth with Serpico the fuck out of the Met.


As with all things as well, people who actively desire a position of authority/power are inherently unfit to hold that authority/power


I worked for the police for a bit, perhaps unsurprisingly dominated by people with authoritarian type personalities, a few good ones, but they tend to not do so well in such a hierarchical command and control culture