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Ways the police as an institution could be improved?

Allow ex-offenders to join them is a big one IMO. Reckon there should be a requirement that an on-the-beat normal officer should have lived in the specific area they’re policing for at least three years before they can police it also.



thankfully was born a few years too late to have daily police run ins


Next DiS meat


Ah, the Gardaí Siochana. I can definitely dig up a few more links later.


shaking with laughter ffs.


How about abolishing private ownership, then working from there


That doesn’t seem feasible



No point the, the abuse is inevitable


who will win in what is already looking like a bloodthirsty fight between Ant and Ruffers

  • Ant
  • Ruff

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  • Loves police
  • mmm bootlicking

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i love the police only and specifically when they are policing you, otherwise i’ll take my boots with mustard pls


Never! Institutional racism does it again


Even leaving aside properly negative experiences where I felt like they were abusing their powers, I’ve never had a direct experience with them where they were even remotely competent.

On two occasions, while at high school, I was assaulted during the day near the school - on both occasions I told the police exactly who had done it (one had held a knife to my throat, and the second one had broken my jaw). On both occasions that was my last interaction with the police about the incident - they didn’t, as far as I’m aware, do a thing. I saw both attackers around the area in the time afterwards.

(as an afterword, both are dead now* and maybe that wouldn’t be the case either if the police had done, well, anything at all)

Another time I called them because I was being chased by a guy with a sledgehammer at 1am and I had managed to hide in someone’s driveway - they just never showed up. I waited about an hour, and couldn’t phone them back cos my battery was dead.

So they do an important job, and I daresay they do it well at big events, and have to face a lot of shit during their working day, but my direct experiences are all negative.

*nothing to do with me, obvs.


The police made me feel very shit for not reporting my crime 2 seconds after it happened


Always forget that my father-in-law is ex-Scotland Yard and always pull out the old ‘we smell bacon’ when passing the police if we’re out in the car or something :grimacing:


Favorite fictional police officer? (not going detective or any of that gubbins cus there are too many of them):

  • Wiggum
  • PC Plod
  • PC Reg Hollis
  • Mcgruff the crime dog
  • Other

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The closest I’ve had to a run-in with the police was one of them manhandling me a bit on a night out after we’d drawn 1-1 with Fulham thanks to a Papa Bouba Diop 87th minute wonder-goal and the policeman took exception to me saying “first of all we draw with fucking Fulham and now this shit” when they were questioning us about some other bollocks.


Don’t they deliberately put them in a separate area to where they live? Not sure if that’s to protect them from people knowing them/where they live.