DiS on Police


Yeah, I think they do. It’s nuts.


There are good cops and bad cops but all good cops have the ability to be bad cops because the organisation they’re a part of can demand it of them. And they will generally obey and do what is expected of them. The police force in its current form exists mainly to support government policy. Solving crime is just an excuse to justify their existence. We need an organisation that exists to serve us the people. But I don’t see that ever happening.


Does that mean that ezzer will be on the beat in gulp South London?!



I’m surprised no one else has dug up this old meme yet.


Not that nuts, the point is so they don’t get jumped by people they’ve nicked when they’re doing their shopping.


Ideal world though, they’re active members of their community and are able to deal with issues before it gets to the point of needing to nick someone.


ideal worlds are lovely


Just remembered citizen’s arrest


That would also imply that they’re never off the job. That they have to be constantly policing even if not in uniform by keeping an eye on issues. That starts to get pretty problematic quickly for both sides (the police and the public).


I heard that too.

It’s all ludicrously unrealistic and hypothetical innit but a return to the concept of community policing with collaborative input from other community figures is inherently better than the them vs us authoritarian mess we’ve currently got.


a sad sign of getting older was a few months ago when i saw a few young lads running down the street with a bottle of buckfast kicking over bins and then saw a passing police land rover pull over and they sadly handed over the bottle before being marched back up the street to fix their mess and i found it hilarious and kinda satisying oh no


Yeah seriously though until we address race, class and gender inequalities on a political level the police will always be harmful despite the good it tries to do


I’m surprised more of them don’t get tracked down by people they’ve nicked and given a kicking, to be fair. After the way I was treated by them for something I obviously didn’t even do, I’d be tempted to do it myself if I weren’t a totally non violent type of person.


leans through car door

we’ve got you now, haven’t we.


well maybe?

it presupposes that, for instance, you won’t get local bobbies bringing personal/family grudges into their policing.

or that no one exists who will go 'hang on, that bloke who just gave me a warning’s got a kid at school: let’s kick the shit out of him.

a lot of people are cunts, basically. they are. while ruffers might often seem like he’s on meth with his ideas, he’s probably right. police can only exist as ‘good’ in a world when the world is set up to give people a raw deal and therefore encourage them to do things they otherwise wouldn’t have to. nationalise housing.

(i hope it is clear that the meth reference is deliberate over-ribbing and NOT serious)


I know or have full on properly known three policemen in my lifetime, none of them that nice people really . One of them was the partner of my female friend for a few years, we got on pretty well until he turned out to be an utter cunt in real life. I don’t think he particularly liked me after they split up and went full on weird. I don’t know what powers they have but I was convinced he was snooping on my internet world for a while, he’s probably reading this now.

I try not to let my perceptions of these people I knew have a huge impact on my view of all policemen.


Anyone think there’s any particular country that’s got this Police thing nailed? Like you’ll go to the country and be like ‘Police here are great much better than the lads we’ve got’?


Yeah but two of them were Starksy and Hutch.


it’s probably going to be canada isn’t it? they probably give everyone cakes