DiS on Police


I dunno man if WWF Wrestling told me anything those Mounties are hard as fuck and violent too.


yeah but due south



but as a counterpoint:


Because things are not worse elsewhere doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to see things better here.


Never watched it but I know that did present a more light hearted side of Mounties. First impressions though - that wrestler.


And that’s exactly why they don’t live in the areas they police.

Plus maybe there’s a bit of a ‘fair cop guv, it’s all part of the game, salt of the earth old school villains, kray’s used to drink here, proper gents they were’ thing going on.


Well that’s not at all what I was getting at.


also prevents (more) corruption


one of the worst run-ins for me was when I had an off duty officer in plain clothes flash his badge at me on a train to london for having my foot up on the seat, and then demanding I apologize to him for the incident. After arguing for a bit, stupid 18 year old me apologised, but apparently it didn’t sound like i ‘meant it’, so he continued to harass me for the duration of the hour long journey. At one point he threatened that he could ‘have some lads who’d love to meet me waiting at Waterloo’. When we got off the train, he corners me and threatens me again. It took a group of passengers who were in the same carriage to intervene and get the prick off me, at which point I hoofed it down into the underground.



Like I said, ludicrously hypothetical and unfeasible. Until the circumstances that cause people to “be cunts” are addressed there isn’t a workable way of implementing community policing on any level.

Like I said though, allowing ex-offenders to join the police would be a big start though, the amount of ex-offenders who go on to become big community assets who would be similarly important assets to the police who are unable to join them seems mad to me.


That one is definitely a cunt and should be fired from his job.



DiS always goes a bit 6th form with regards to the police imo


this is why i wanted to do a poll

but apart from me posting pictures of due south it’s been pretty mature debate no?


At my workplace, the company has a Code of Conduct that applies to all employees. Getting down to the basics it means use your common sense and don’t be a dick, treat other people within and without the company the way you would like them to treat you. And pretty much everyone adheres to that Code of Conduct. I think they try to pick the right sort of people via job interviews in the first place. But if this multinational company with 50,000 employees can do it then so can the police.


you win this round


agree that the goodness of individual police is irrelevant. if youre in a society you need something to stop people being dicks to each other, but our police as is now havn’t changed at all in its DNA since victorian times. the prejudices and dodgy practices are so ingrained that they take it as an affront when anyone tries to change them, and this leads to them being an inherently political organisation, specifically politicised against minorities, as they’re more likely to try to make change happen due to being disproportionately affected. when the police as an entity get politicised, they basicaly stop being able to function in a way that helps socially (see america: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/philly-police-union-president-calls-black-lives-matter-activists-a-pack-of-rabid-animals_us_59aacc02e4b0dfaafcf0bc55)

sorry for essay, TLDR: bad


I’m right about everything you well fed fuck :wink: